Best restaurants in Pipa Brazil

2016-01-04 18.37.151. AprecieLocated on a cute little side street off main road in town is one of the best restaurants I have been to in Brazil.  The restaurant is simple with one wall open to outside of this charming cobblestone street.  Start with the tuna sushi appetizer (below), the sushi was drizzled with soy, balsamic and honey making each bite sweet and tangy in a great combination.  2016-01-04 19.01.14For dinner we tried the grilled tuna with sushi rice and asian vegetable slaw and shrimp over rice noodles with vegetables which were seasoned perfectly. Plus the service was excellent for Brazil. Total for the R$145 which was quite reasonable considering we also had a number of caipirinhas.  Aprecie bem-te-vis 34,, Tibau do Sul – State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil2016-01-05 20.48.59

2. Pan e vino: This cute Italian restaurant is located on side street near the end of the town shops area. It felt like we were dining at a traditional Italian restaurant with red and white checkered placemats, brick facade lined with plants and of course an outdoor seating area.

Start with the bolognese and or Parma crostinis, and a bottle of wine.  For the main course we had the homemade gnocci which melts in your mouth its so good and the pesto dorado fish with potatoes and salad.  The fish was incredible, definitely a top dish this trip. Pan e Vino: Rua Da Albacora – Pipa | Proximo Pousada Coco Fresco, Praia de Pipa,2016-01-07 19.32.36

3.Lampião Located at the start of the town this cute restaurant which is open on all sides, surrounded by trees and has inventive lights decorating the space always has a little bit of a wait, but it is worth it! 

We had the banana leaf wrapped dorado with scalopped potatos and asparagus and the short rips with vegetables and potato.  Both dishes were excellent, the caiparinhas are strong and the atmosphere was lovely.  Highly recommend dining here while you are in Pipa. LampiãoBahia Dos Golfinhos 500, Praia da Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil2016-01-06 19.39.25

4. Why Not BarLocated on a small side street right off the main road, Why Not offers a wide variety of sophisticated and unique drinks and some delicious snacks.  The scene is really fun and everyone is exceptionally interesting and friendly. The bar tender was awesome, and for every new concoction  he created gave everyone who was at the bar a sample shots, the ones we tried were great!.  There is also a roof top terrace that overlooks the ocean, awesome place for pre or post dinner drinks.2016-01-06 21.16.37

5. Aruman Crepes e Drinks: Best crepe place in Pipa, they have a large list of savory and sweet crepes to choose from. They are a little crunchier then normal crepes, its actually kind of awesome and the chicken curry crepe with grilled pineapple will rock your world2016-01-06 20.54.16

6. There are a lot of good gelato and ‘do it yourself’ ice cream places but Sorveteria Real de 14 is by far the best gelato!

Where to stay in Pipa

2016-01-05 06.11.06 HDRPipa Beach is one of the most famous beautiful beaches of Brazil. Located an hour and a half from city of Natal, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte Pipa is ideal vacation destination. The scenery is breath taking with clear warm waters, natural pools, sand dunes, and impressive cliffs, the town is lively and the restaurants are fantastic. 2016-01-05 07.35.54

Set on a cliff overlooking the ocean, Pipa Privilege is luxury boutique hotel is a 3-minute walk from Praia das Cacimbinhas beach and 6 km from the center of town (R$25 cab). The view from each of the private villas comes with a panoramic of the ocean(see above). Each villa comes with a kitchen area, spacious living room, and private balcony area with hammocks.

The hotel grounds scream luxurious relaxation, there are nice chairs, day beds, infinity pool overlooking the ocean, jacuzzi (which they clean in between each use so you need to book in advance – the pump was broken so we didn’t get to enjoy it but looked amazing) and beach access.  As with most Brazilian hotels there is a nice breakfast buffet which is included.   There is a cute restaurant where you can also rent chairs in front of the hotel on the beach.  Even during high season the beach doesn’t feel crowded and it is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a LOT of beaches). Plus it is an easy walk to Praia Madeiro the more lively surf beach.  
2016-01-06 13.14.07

Pipa Privilege was a beautiful hotel and we liked being a little outside the town however there were some negatives:  This was by far the worst service (and I have accepted service in Brazil is normally bad) but this was really bad service with a smile (worst kind!). They were not helpful with planning (or even being knowledgable) on the various excursions they are supposed to offer, we ended up making our own buggy tour arrangements in town.  There was a serious lack of towels, the ones in the picture above were a rare gift; they would run out of towels everyday before day was done.  In addition the rooms weren’t cleaned properly as in, I didn’t get a pillowcase (and had to ask each day), the sheets had hole in them and needed changing, and the air conditioner leaked all over the floor.  If you can put up with the service situation, the hotel is incredible and worth staying at.

2016-01-05 14.39.45
How to get there: Fly to Natal and take cab.
Pipa Privilege, Av. Antonio Florencio, 1339, Praia da Pipa – Tibau do Sul, RN, Brazil

Graffiti: Exploring outside the walls Part 1

clock elves
I have posted about the Wynwood walls before but what is so great about this magical graffiti splashed section of Miami is that the walls are constantly changing, which means every time you visit you will discover something new (cool right?).  And every December hundreds of artists from around the world descend upon Wynwood for Art Basel creating new layers in this transformative neighborhood. Most people (tourists and Miami folks who remember what the area was like 20 years ago) are a bit timid when they go to Lynwood and stick to the main area (i.e. NW 2nd Ave where many of the restaurants and stores are located) or just visit the actual designated area called the ‘Wynwood Walls’, well there is a LOT more incredible art to discover if you venture outside of ‘the walls’.

@juantraviesu, @reiniergamboa, @davideolivera At work

@juantraviesu, @reiniergamboa, @davideolivera
At work

Canadian artist Birdo or Birdo DMC, paints animals with various textures — always colourful and always big.

Canadian artist Birdo or Birdo DMC, paints animals with various textures


From Canada, to Brazil, France and Australia I hope you enjoy this two part adventure of the new beautiful murals I discovered on my recent exploration of Wynwood.  There are some beautiful tags decorating the various streets and alley ways but being an art history major I am drawn to murals, there are so many hidden details expertly woven into these large canvases they become true masterpieces that if you don’t see them now will vanish with the next wave of artists that storms the city.

French street artist MTO

French street artist MTO

Rhino by Dest Jones

Swiss artist Dest Jones



Concrete Beach

Concrete Beach

2015-12-14 15.18.41


Miami artist Kemo

Miami artist Kemo

Check back for Part 2: Women of the Walls

Traveling to Sao Paulo for business? Recommended meeting spots

If you intend to conduct business in Brazil, there’s a good chance you’ll be going to São Paulo as it is by far Brazil’s most import business center in Brazil.  Almost every major industry in Brazil is based there (as well as most of the minor ones, too), and 15% of Brazil’s gross national product is generated in Sao Paulo. Since you are probably not traveling 10 hours from New York for just one meeting, here is a list of meeting/ remote working spots that will make your trip less stressful, now that you know about them:) FYI they all have wifi!Octavio CafeOctavio Cafe (above): Located on Faria Lima (where many of the financial firms and funds are based) Octavio is the ‘king’ of the business breakfast/coffee/lunch.  Every day of the week it is packed with suits and entrepreneurs taking business meetings or settling in to work remotely for the day (via the free wifi).  The service is speedy (there are actual buzzers on each table to grab your waiters attention), the seats are comfy and the food is decent.  It’s the perfect place for a power meeting, however as an investor you might know half the room so if you are looking to stay a little under the radar then this venue is not for you. Also, something to keep in mind- Octavio is ALWAYS packed so there might be a wait…Octavio Cafe, Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2996, Itaim

Starbucks: It’s America’s favorite and now Brazil’s as well! There are many throughout the city but the Starbucks on Rua Amauri is definitely a top spot for a business meeting.  You may wait a bit longer for your coffee but otherwise the experience compares to visiting to any Starbucks anywhere, which is to say, great. The crowd is a bit younger then Octavio’s with more entrepreneurs enjoying the free wifi; taking meetings on the outer deck or second floor which has a bunch of ‘tables for two’ and a couch section.  Starbucks, Rua Amauri, 286 Santo Grao ItaimSanto Grão (above): With locations in Itaim and Jardins it’s become quite popular for business meetings from breakfast/coffee to lunch/dinner/drinks.  Santo Grao offers the most variety and is probably your best option if you are having a breakfast/lunch or dinner meeting.  The food is pretty awesome, read more HERE. Plus, with some of the fastest wifi (you know it’s a huge perk) and plush leather chairs that you can easily sink into it’s an easy place to get work done and enjoy the environment… reading this I can see that I clearly I may spend too much time there! Santo Grao: Rua Oscar Freire 413, Jardim and Rua Jerônimo da Veiga, 179, ItaimTea connection Itaim

Tea Connection: New to the ‘business meeting’ / remote working scene.  It’s a ‘healthy spot’ serving hot tea varieties (I’ve tried almost all of them and they are delicious), salads, sandwiches and woks dishes.  For business purposes it’s a great spot for a meal or for when you are ‘in between’ as the wifi is great however the booths are extremely uncomfortable the longer you sit in them, and if you need to charge your ipod/ipad/iphone/comp you will need to be in a booth where all the outlets are.  FYI you will need a converter!  Tea Connection, Alameda Lorena, 1271, Jardim Paulista  and Rua João Cachoeira, 361 – Itaim Bibi

When someone says ‘let’s do coffee’ let me know which place you choose to meet with, using #ny2rio 

FYI: Here are some tips for better coffee meetings

Healthy food on the go: Market Ipanema

imageWhen living in Rio, Market Ipanema was one of my ‘go to’ spots for a good salad in a nice atmosphere (they had an outdoor garden area).  On my last trip to Rio I discovered that they replaced their casual dining scene moving to a smaller location to position themselves as a healthy gourmet ‘grab and go’ establishment, something not very common in Brazil.  I was shocked at how ‘Americanized’ Market had become.  2014-11-07 14.19.23
Now you can grab delicious (and organic) meals on the go!  There is a hot food section (above) which offers a variety of quiches, soups and dishes that are reasonably priced around $8-$14.2014-11-07 14.18.05

There is also an assortment of cold dishes like their signature salads, yogurts, fruits ets as well as a large selection of juices. Don’t worry, if you’re starving and cant wait till you get home there is a small sitting area/bar inside or you can walk 2 blocks to the park.  The ‘new’ Market doesn’t feel like Brazil in a good way.  It was very efficient and priced appropriately…two things you will never hear in Rio so it was definitely a welcomed surprise.

Market Ipanema, Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 452

Graffiti: Santiago, Chile

I haven’t done a graffiti post in a while and realized I had these beauties from Santiago Chile  waiting to be shared.  These are from the Bella Vista neighborhood I hope you enjoy this incredible street art as much as I do:)  I will be posting a full 10 day Chile itinerary soon so make sure you check back!
2014-03-09 16.03.40

2014-03-09 16.24.54

2014-03-09 16.14.07

2014-03-04 14.24.09Check out some of the awesome urban art in Chile’s Santiago:

2014-03-09 16.24.14   2014-03-09 15.45.40      2014-03-09 16.09.46

Karaoke + Sushi night in Sao Paulo

2014-01-11 01.16.08In New York when you decide or rather someone yells ‘let’s do karaoke’ there is a good chance you end up at SingSing in the East Village or Japas 38.  The benefit of SingSing is that you can get a private room with your friends (so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of of the entire place- at least that’s my case) or if you are brave  you have the option to belt one out to the entire room. In Sao Paulo if you are in the mood for a karaoke night you must go to Chopperia Liberdade.2014-01-11 01.17.00

As you can see from the picture above the decor is quite kitschy with lanterns, lights, streamers, fish tanks and signs decorating the spacious venue.  The bar features a spacious room in the back, full of pool tables (see below), there are booths in the front and a dance floor / karaoke stage in the center.   The kitchen is serving up whatever sushi you like (many come with cream cheese so read the menu carefully) and if you aren’t in the mood for sushi there is a nice selection of skewers.  2014-01-11 01.18.03All in all karaoke is the highlight of the house, with a huge selection of songs in Portuguese, English and Japanese. Everyone dances and sings along (it is a lot of fun) which is amazing to watch considering Chopperia Liberdade definitely has that sort of bright casino lighting, i.e it is way too bright and you completely lose track of time.  I went at 10pm and when I checked my phone it was after 2am! Perfect late night spot:) So enjoy drinking, dancing, playing pool and singing at Chopperia Liberdade!

 Chopperia Liberdade, Rua da Glória, 523 – Liberdade – Sao Paulo 

Open:Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday, from 7pm to 5am. Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 6am

New Peruvian hot spot in Rio

2014-11-08 00.57.09When my friend suggested going to a place called Tupac for her birthday my first reaction was ‘will they be playing his greatest hits in the background?” I was slightly disappointed to learn that we would not be having a full on 90’s dance party at dinner but the ambiance and cuisine make up for it.  There are a few decent spots for ceviche in Rio, but if you are looking for a real Peruvian experience with a variety of innovative dishes that burst with flavor head over to Tupac in Ipanema.  When you walk in the restaurant oozes with a trendy vibe, dark wood, peruvian sculptures a giant lantern in the center of the room and the front if fully open so there is a nice breeze.  There is an upstairs ‘lounge’ area but I can tell you it is way more fun on the ground floor.2014-11-07 22.25.58
There is a large drink list that offers a number of Pisco variations, personally I liked the one with cocoa the best. The starters are pretty large so you can definitely order a bunch and share with a group skipping the even larger entrees or mix it up.  Since there were 12 of us we did a combination which worked out quite nicely as we were able to try lots of yummy dishes.  There were 2 dishes that you must order, 1. the tartar truffle balls (above) R$35, which were absolutely to die for and the pork belly starter (it’s actually quite large and comes with a side of jasmine rice), the meat was cooked perfectly, the veggies were sautéed nicely and there was just enough kick that it wasn’t overpowering. ceviches-aperitivos
You are at a peruvian spot so you owe it to yourself to have the ceviche tasting of white fish, salmon, tuna and shrimp all prepared in unique ways (i.e. traditional, thai, indian, cream).  The quinoa balls were also quite flavorful. 2014-11-07 22.26.07
For the main courses we opted for the beef with mashed yukka (above) and the seared tuna below.  Both were delicious but for me the tuna came out on top. It was cooked perfectly and the flavors were incredible.2014-11-07 22.26.13

Tupac is the 3rd Peruvian restaurant brought to Rio de Janeiro by chef  Marco Espinoza whose other restaurants include: Lima Restobar (Botafogo) and El Chalaco (sandwich shop in Leblon)..he also owns Taypá in Brasilia. Tupac is a great spot for groups, date night, any occasion:) What dish was your favorite? Let me know what you think!

Rua Aníbal de Mendonça, 132, Ipanema, 3592-4941

Hot Springs at Rincón de la Vieja National Park

2015-01-04 16.14.29I’m one of those people who is always cold, so when I’m in New York I can come up with practically any excuse to visit the russian baths.  In Costa Rica, after tubing down the Río Negro nothing feels better then relaxing in the thermal (aka hot springs) by Rincón de la Vieja National Park.  Located 4k away from the check in desk you can drive or horseback ride there.  Walk through the tropical try forrest and you discover the will stumble upon the Río Negro (Black River) Hot Springs.

2015-01-04 16.18.48 Six pools with thermal waters heated naturally by the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano. The soothing mineral waters are crystal clear, all natural, and the river flows through the pools constantly refilling them with water. To get the full experience start off by smoothing the volcanic mud all over you (like a spa mud treatment), then wait 10 mins for it to dry.

2015-01-04 16.46.28

2015-01-04 16.23.58

Wash it off in the ‘refreshing’ (read that as very cold!) river shower and then ease your way into one of the 6 majestic hot springs.  Seriously this is the perfect way to end your day!2015-01-04 16.45.13

 Relaxing and rejuvenating = my idea of a fabulous time

Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin

Where to stay in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica: Gaia

 2015-01-08 07.12.50Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is uniquely breathtaking with the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park (full of lots of animals- more to come on that), beautiful beaches (including the one where Castaway was filmed), good waves for surfing, rafting, zip lining, and more. over the edge gaia

If you are planning a trip to Manuel Antonio you must stay at Gaia Luxury Boutique Hotel and Reserve, a 5 star Eco-friendly adult and teen only resort.  Nestled in the costal forest and surrounded by its own private nature reserve the property is spectacular.  With 5 levels of  infinity pools, a pool bar in the middle and waterfalls flowing over you while you gaze out on the natural reserve and to the beaches it is absolute heaven.2015-01-08 12.51.57

We stayed in the Deluxe Suite and let me tell you, it was one of the nicest rooms we have ever stayed in! When you enter the first floor you find a cozy living room and dining room with it’s own balcony that includes 2 lounge chairs resting on it which is quite nice.  The bedroom has a lovely king size bed (automen at foot of bed has extra pillows and blankets in it) large closets, window into the living room, tv, coffee maker and full length mirror (yes that is important, I hate when I have to do a balancing act on the edge of a bathtub to see what I look like before going out). The bathroom is huge with his and hers sinks double jacuzzi bath (looks like one of those outdoor jacuzzis), but takes an hour to fill so prepare ahead if time!  The best part of this suite… head up the stairs to your very own private roof deck with reflecting pool, shower, canopy beds and chairs!  We had lunch up there a few times and had bottle of wine for sunset, it was perfect.2015-01-08 07.04.51The restaurant on the property “La Luna” is one of the best places to watch the sunset, with 180 degree panoramic views of the Pacific coastline and surrounding rainforest.  There is live music and a tapas menu for sunset and then the music continues through dinner.  The restaurant serves international and local cuisine and includes complementary breakfast.  The breakfast was was amazing.  There was a fruit station full of delicious and there was a selection of breads then choose a main dish from the menu.  The omelets, waffles and local dishes were great!  For dinner the tuna appetizer as delicious and refreshing but it was the coconut crusted mahmahi that was one of the best dishes I had on the entire trip! Don’t miss out on that.

2015-01-08 15.58.13

For your complementary 20 minute treatment you have a a choose of a facial, mini back massage or reflexology, I went with the facial which was surprisingly very nice (normally I’m not a huge fan of facials).  Maybe it was so wonderful because of the head massage while my face absorbed the scrub.  We also got massages, it was one of the best massages I have ever had in my life! FYI Couples massage costs $160.  There is a gym that is open 24/7, it’s small but has everything you could need. 2015-01-08 12.51.08

The hotel sits on a vast tract of lowland coastal forest originally serving as the site of Jardín Gaia, a center for native orchid´s conservation and endangered wildlife rehabilitation. Today the land remains set aside as a refuge for these many precious species. It is here that only our privileged guest may take in the sights and sounds of Costa Rica´s lush and exotic natural gifts.

The staff is amazing, extremely helpful, and had great recommendations (will post about those restaurants next).  If you are going on your honeymoon or a romantic trip I highly recommend you stay at Gaia


Gaia, Carretera Quepos – Manuel Antonio, Km. 2.7, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica