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Fancy desserts in Vila Madalena

I discovered the most charming pastry shop in Sao Paulo, Le Jardin Secret located in a small house in Vila Madalena; which actually feels more like a little bakery in Provence France once you step inside! Inspired by their trip to France and the discovery of ‘candied flowers’ the ownders created a sanctuary of sophistication and […]

Panini Please!

Whenever I am in New York and craving a good Panini I always head to Bite, it is super tiny, to- go only but it truly is the best prosciutto and mozzarella Panini in the city.  I was in the mood for a Panini the other day and a friend recommended we try Brera (one […]

Sunday food fair in Vila Madalena

Moment of truth… I am a bit of a picky eater (eek) but I am open and interested in trying new things which is why I’ve always been a big fan of going to ‘food fairs’, I mean, come on who doesn’t love a good food sampling?! These things are perfect for me because I […]

New York style burger in São Paulo

In Sao Paulo there are TONS of different types of ‘burger focused’ restaurants, from small hole in the wall spots, to Fifties (chain/ Johnny Rocket style) to upscale and ‘trendy’ like Butchers Market.   When you walk in, you will feel like you entered a traditional bbq or burger joint in Brooklyn, you know what […]

Family style Italian experience at Famiglia Mancini

 I am a sucker for twinkle lights and totally wish I celebrated Christmas solely so I could cover my house as a kid (instead made my parents drive around all the neighborhoods to look at the lights) so when I heard there was a tiny street in Sao Paulo covered in twinkle lights I knew […]

Found: Real Greek yogurt in Brazil!

I’m am personally not a fan of Greek yogurt, so this post is for the folks living in Brazil searching for the ‘real thing’ since apparently the ‘Greko’ yogurt in the supermarket doesn’t actually taste like Greek yogurt. The Delicari a new yogurt, ice cream and cheese spot has made a home for itself in Vila […]

House party at Casa 92

Amazing nightlife…something New York and São Paulo have in common! Like New York, whatever you are in the mood to do for the evening you can make it happen in São Paulo. From bars and clubs to concerts and street parties, to karaoke and after hours, Paulistas know how to party.  On Saturday for my friends birthday I […]

Steak.. It’s what’s for lunch at Leoncio

If you are craving meat or wandering around Vila Magdelena looking for a great place for lunch, head over to Leoncio restaurant, situated in a cute house on Rua Girassol. Enter through the front grate and sit at one of the tables scattered throughout the small court yard which is partially covered so you can […]

Buffet ‘NY style brunch’ at PJ Clarks

After living in New York for 6 years I got very accustomed to having brunch with my friends on the weekends; sometimes even making a whole day of it!  When I moved to Rio I was disappointed to find that a good brunch was almost impossible to come by:/  Now that I am living in […]

My favorite lunch in Sao Paulo (Best Salad)

There are tons of amazing salad places in New York, and plenty of girls like me who live on them, in Brazil, unfortunately not the case!  When I first got to Brazil, I found that finding a good salad (like an actually good salad) was extremely hard to find which made most of my lunches/dinners […]