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Vacation day on Reserva Beach

Living in Leblon is great, but on the weekends it’s nice to mix things up, and catch some better waves so I have been heading out to Reserva Beach which is about 30 mins away (depending on traffic).  Located between Barra da Tijuca Beach and Recreio Beach, Reserva has a very long shoreline, and since you […]

Arpoador = Perfect AM Surf Spot

Arpoador is the name of the small beach at the east end of Ipanema, it is actually what separates Ipanema from Copacabana and it is also the giant rock formation which projects from it, into the Atlantic Ocean. If you are walking down the beach and make it to Arpoador I recommend ‘climbing’ around on the rocks and seeing the different […]

Teddy Does Saquarema

Recently, people have been asking about Teddy (the cute little guy pictured above).  He is doing great, loving Rio and thrilled that we now have a car so we can take him on some of our adventures. An hour and a half from Rio you will find the beautiful laid back town of Saquarema.  About […]

Buzios: Surf’s up at Geriba Beach

Because of its wide-open face to the southeast, Geribá Beach has the best surf in Búzios! The beach itself is the widest and one of the longest beach in Búzios. Whether you prefer a short board or a  long board in the center there is constant large surf. If you didn’t pack your own board, […]

Looking for great waves, spectacular views and Rain Forest? Head to Prainha

Prainha is located between mountains just outside of Barra and is considered the best surfing spot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Prainha means little beach and considering it is only an 800 meter long beach, its a very fitting name. The waves are the main attraction, but along the beach will you find some people […]

Surfing in Grumari

First trip out of Rio! We rented a car for the weekend and headed to Grumari. Grumari is a popular surfing beach in Barra da Tijuca about 45mins west of Rio and it is absolutely beautiful!!!!  Not only a stunning surf beach with huge waves, it is part of an environmental reserve, (together with the […]