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Vet in the house

For those of you who haven’t read my earlier posts, I have an adorable little yorkie named Teddy. If you have a dog you know that having a good vet is extremely important and if your Portuguese isn’t up to par (yea still working on mine) finding a vet that speaks English is a must. Once […]

A Resort For Dogs? You Bet!

As you know, I travel quite a bit and unfortunately Teddy is not always allowed to accompany me on my travels.  Thankfully, he isn’t upset about it, actually I think he gets pretty excited when we go away because that means he is going on a vacation too! Yes that’s right, when we travel we […]

Beach Time With Teddy

Teddy has been having an absolute blast and LOVES living in Rio! Check out some of his recent adventures… After losing his first battle with the wave, he is itching to go back for more! Spending a long day in the sun playing in the sand makes me thirsty! Where is my coconut?! Do I […]

Teddy Does Prainha

Teddy has officially declared himself ‘ King of the beach’!  I have never seen a little guy so excited to get to the beach, play in the sand and splash around in the water!  When we are about 2 block away (he can smell it) and charges as fast as he can- its really cute.  […]

Teddy Does Saquarema

Recently, people have been asking about Teddy (the cute little guy pictured above).  He is doing great, loving Rio and thrilled that we now have a car so we can take him on some of our adventures. An hour and a half from Rio you will find the beautiful laid back town of Saquarema.  About […]

The Teddy Report: March

Teddy Laurence Simon is our 5lb Yorkie who has accompanied us to Rio.  Many people have been asking how he is doing, so I figured I would start a ‘Monthly Teddy Report’. So far he is comfortable and used to our apartment, but is a bit discouraged by the ‘Teddy Proofing’ that had to be […]