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Pedra Furada Jericoacoara

About a 45 minute trek (4 kilometers) from the town center of Jericoacoara (jeri) you will find Pedra Furada (the holed stone) which is considered the postcard of Ceará!  Sculpted by nature through the waves, it is the symbol that characterizes the famous beach, now internationally known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. […]

Rustic paradise of Tatajuba

Tatajuba, is a small fishing village situated 25 km from Jericoacoara, in the municipality of Camocim.  This heavenly place is just beyond the beautiful dunes set in front of the crystal clear waters of the big lagoon called Lagoa di Torta is a place you MUST visit! It is a complete package of everything you would ever want on […]

Where to stay in Camocim Brazil

If you are interested in exploring the famous sand dunes in Brazil or going on a delta tour staying in Camocim will make all the activities and adventures you want to do very easy.  Hotel Charme San Jose is a beautiful unexpected surprise, tucked away in this small rustic fishing village (read there isn’t much to […]

Bike Lagoa rant

When I lived in New York for my morning workout I would sometimes run over the Brooklyn Bridge and back (obviously only when it was warm out- can’t hack it in the winter!).  The separation between the bike lane and the runners lane on the bridge is pretty clear… So clear in fact, that bikers […]

Gym Ranting

Let me start by apologizing.  As I look back on my past gym related posts I realize I may have been sugar coating the ‘personal space‘ and lack of ‘gym etiquette’ issues more then I had realized. I am an avid morning gym goer (6am/5 days a week), and I respect my fellow ‘gym rats’ who […]

Country Clubbing in Rio

I have to give credit to Groupon Brazil for this one, had they not offered such a huge discount for Estação do Corpo (translates to Body Station) a fitness/country club here in Rio, I probably would not be writing about it (and planning on joining) today.  The massive club is situated on Lagoa, which means […]

Who needs to join a gym when you can work out for free?

Living in place where you are required to squeeze into a little bikini year round, there are a number of gyms to keep you in that perfect ‘CaRIOca shape”. As you have seen Body Tech is one of the nicer gyms in Leblon, and thanks to a fab corporate discount I am still enjoying my […]

Saving the World One Kilo at a Time!

Going to the gym here is truly an eye opening experience….. You will see everything from head to toe matching ensembles, to bikini looking tops and mini spandex shorts… basically a bunch of women dressed like super hero’s and yes all of them wearing their knee socks rolled all the way up ( I have […]

Body Tech… Can YOU Feel the Burn?!

For those of you who don’t know me I am sort of a ‘gym rat’ (sort of is a bit of an understatement, as I gym 5 days a week @5am for 2 hours like a crazy person) so as you can imagine I appreciate a nice gym.  Naturally, when moving to Brazil- the land […]