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My favorite places in NYC

Whenever I go to New York people ask me what I miss the most, what places I try to go to etc.  To make things easier for folks traveling from Brazil to NY, here are my favorite places / recommendations, keep in mind I try to cram all this into an 8 day trip! CVS […]

Sao Paulo’s ‘Central Park’

People compare Sao Paulo to New York all the time and when it comes to the parks, I have to agree.  Parque do Ibirapuera to Sao Paulo is what Hyde Park is to London or Central Park is to New York.  Ibirapuera is one of Latin America’s largest city parks, with beautifully landscaped gardens, museums, exhibition spaces, planetary […]

SoHo in Buenos Aires

When I was living in New York, one of my favorite things to do on a spring weekend was walk around SoHo, grab brunch at Felix, maybe do a little shopping, and check out the street art.  For the first day of summer in Argentina, I headed over to Palermo, the SoHo of Buenos Aires. […]

Juice Bars In NYC

Sorry for the delay in posts, have been traveling a bit and am in NYC at the moment.  I came across this article in New York Magazine about the “Juice-Bar Craze” and figured since I had already covered Liquiteria this article could give you a good overview on the rest of the awesome ‘juice bars’ […]

Thinking Of Trying A Juice Cleanse?

Yes, juices are kind of a big deal in Brazil, but it is the ‘Cleanse’ juices that are taking over Manhattan.  I recently discovered Liquiteria on 11th street and 2nd ave (been around since ’96 and I am just discovering it- gotta love NYC).  There are a lot of fresh pressed vegetable juices (which I […]

Graffiti NYC

I have done a number of posts showcasing the beautiful graffiti decorating the walls of Rio de Janeiro (see the Graffiti tab!).  Since I am in New York, felt I had to share my recent NYC graffiti finds….. enjoy!Free Love in the East Village Check out the awesome side of Flatiron’s B.E.S restaurant!  

Buzios Boutique NYC

Are you Brazilian and craving your favorite snacks, guarana, soaps, bathing suits, etc? OR a New Yorker that is looking for a little taste of Brazil? Your answer is hidden on the 2nd floor of 46th Street (Little Brazil), Buzios Boutique. Half of the store is Brazilian flag/ apparel, bikinis, and Havianas…on the other side […]