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Mastering the Art of Drinking Saki in Brazil

Brazil has an incredible collection of awesome sushi/ Japanese restaurants and personally, I feel nothing goes better with  sushi then some cold saki (or if you are being adventurous a saki bomb;)).  For some reason the Japanese restaurants in Brazil, including BenKai and Togo  associate saki with a very difficult to drink from square cup! […]

Craving the Best Asian Food in Rio?! Head over to Mr Lam

Looking for a modern, fun, ‘New York style’ swanky Asian restaurant in Rio?! Head to Mr Lam  in Jardim Botanico (ie the Central Park of Zona Sul).  The story goes that entrepreneur Eike Batista enjoyed his meal at Mr Chow in New York SO much that he brought him to Rio to open Mr.Lam.  Talk […]

Thai food in Rio?! You Bet!

The food here is INCREDIBLE, honestly every direction you turn there is something delicious to eat (don’t worry I joined the gym and will report on that soon!). I would say most of the ‘traditional’ restaurants along Ataulfo de Paiva (think: ‘main street’) have grilled chicken (perf for me) or some other form of protein […]