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Carnival is coming….Mangueira Samba school rehearsal

Carnival is one of the highlights about living in Brazil, from the costumes to the parties Brazil goes all out to celebrate.  I have been to the Sambadromo to watch the incredible parade of floats for the last 3 years in a row, last year I had even had the privilege to actually be part […]

Day by day of Carnival 2013

People around Brazil spend the entire year getting ready and excited for Carnival, and for good reason.  Besides working to build the floats and costumes people are preparing themselves for 2+weeks of crazy partying which lets face it, it isn’t normal to be party hopping and dancing non stop 24/7 you actually do need to […]

Carnaval: Dance in the Sambadromo

As you know I have attended the Carnaval parades at the Sambadromo in Rio de Janeiro the last 2 years (see previous posts HERE); seeing the floats, costumes and dance numbers that people have worked all year on come to life is truly an incredible experience. This year I was able to actually dance and […]

Men Like To Dress Like Girls!

  I don’t know what it is but Brazil’s Carnaval seems to bring out the ‘woman’ in every man… I have never seen so many men (straight and gay) dressed in drag!   I have also seen a number of couples where the woman was dressed in something semi normal and the man is full out […]

Carnival: BEST Floats at the Sambadrome!

 I saw a lot of incredible floats this year when I attended the Sambadrome for Carnival, but there were definitely some that stood out from the rest (in a good way). Check out my favorite floats below…. Anyone up for a game of chess? Alice in Wonderland (this was incredible!! FYI the Bunny is not […]

Coolest “Moving” Floats of Carnaval 2012

One of my favorite things to do during Rio’s Carnaval is attend the Sambadrome (see previous post!) and see the incredible costumes and floats.  The day after Carnaval ends, people begin creating the floats and costumes for next year’s Carnaval which is why they are so fantastic.  Personally, the floats that have ‘moving’ pieces or […]

Rio Carnival – Sambadrome 2012

The other night a friend of mine asked how Brazil’s Carnival began and I must admit I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t know the full story (especially since I have attended the past 2 years and write about it).  Here is how it all began: The origin of Brazil’s carnival goes back to […]

Carnival Sambadrome – Part 3: Champions Round

Last night was the final night of Carnival at the Sambadrome with the 6 best schools of the year.  Beija-Flor (which means Hummingbird in Portuguese) was the winner.  The schools that we saw the first night were phenomenal, but these 6 were truly extraordinary, so good that even though our night started at 7pm we […]

Carnival Rain or Shine

When you think of Rio, you think sunny beautiful weather, great beaches, tiny bikinis and wild Carnival… all of the above are true except for the beautiful weather at least since I arrived (apparently every day before it was ‘sunny beautiful weather’.  Well, no matter what the weather is people are on the streets in […]

For the Ladies

I forgot to post this pic yesterday… Thought you girls would get a kick out of this GIANT ‘platform’. If you look closely, you can see that the sexy dancer on top of the shoe is also wearing the same ones! Gotta love Carnival! I must say, I was beyond impressed by how high the […]