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Carnival Sambadrome – Part 2: Parade, Floats, Costumes & Bunda’s ;)

Some background for those who haven’t been to or seen Brazilian Carnival: There are 100’s of samba schools, but they get narrowed down to a final 6 (each themed of course).  There were 6 schools for us to see; each school has 8 floats, a Queen, a number of other very sexy dressed samba dancing […]

Carnival Sambadrome Part 1- Preparations & the Box

When you see carnival on TV, you see that there are the grand stands (stadium style) and then there are private boxes… those boxes.. you cannot pay for, you can only be invited to get in them (a family friend was kind enough to invite us!) and once you are invited in, it is an […]

Carnaval Day 2

Friends in to celebrate with us!! We got our costumes ready, then kicked off the night at Bar Bracaurense – a local spot for some snacks and drinks to get the night started. It was quite the party scene when we arrived which got us in the mood and ready for..Baile do Sapucapeta – Jockey […]

Carnival Day 1

CARNIVAL 2011!!!!!! When they say the city shuts down, they aren’t kidding! Starting at 6pm everyone leaves work and the block parties begin.  Lucky for us the Leblon Block Party was making circles past our apartment (FYI these ‘block parties’ take place in every section of Brazil, we just went to the one near us […]