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Best Bread in Sao Paulo: Mr Baker

I don’t say this about many restaurants but Sao Paulo’s Mr Baker is hands down one of the best all around restaurants in the city.  Located in Itaim, this bakery is always packed and there aren’t many places to sit so either plan on getting it to go or be prepared to wait for a […]

Gourmet burgers & tartares: Astolpho

There is a new restaurant in Itaim with a unique combination you have to try.  Astolpho Gourmet Burger & Tartares located on the corner of  Amazonias and Rua Iaia looks like a cozy café you might see in France.  With a black and white tiled floor, famous people’s caricatures and old fashion clocks lining the walls […]

Fancy desserts in Vila Madalena

I discovered the most charming pastry shop in Sao Paulo, Le Jardin Secret located in a small house in Vila Madalena; which actually feels more like a little bakery in Provence France once you step inside! Inspired by their trip to France and the discovery of ‘candied flowers’ the ownders created a sanctuary of sophistication and […]

French bakery in Sao Paulo: Bonheur de Pains

 There are tons of Padaria’s (bakeries) all over Brazil selling fresh breads, pastries etc  I went to Bon Heur de Pain last week and it was so good I thought I would highlight it for you! Their specialties range from specialty breads (which are freshly made ​​on site – see below!), viennoiseries, sweets, pastries, sandwiches, salads, quiches, […]

Best Steak frites in Sao Paulo

There are lots of French restaurants in Sao Paulo, but if you want the best ‘Steak Frites’ you must go to L’entrecote de Paris in Itaim.  Given the name of the restaurant it is pretty clear that it is serving up French cuisine.  If you had any doubts, once you step inside and see that […]

Le Pain Quotidien in São Paulo

When I lived in New York there were a few places I would rotate between for my morning coffee and muffin including Starbucks, the deli on my corner and  Le Pain Quotidien.  Thankfully Starbucks has had a presence in Rio and Sao Paulo for some time, but every now and then I miss my old ‘rotation’. […]

Skip The Popcorn! Go For A ‘Classy’ Dinner & A Movie In Gavea

When you think of eating in a mall the first thing that comes to mind are scary images of an over crowded, fast food disaster ‘food court’ (at least that is what I picture).  To my surprise, there are actually a number of good restaurants in the Rio malls, which makes doing ‘dinner and a […]

Looking For A Great Hidden Brunch Spot In Rio?

Around the corner from me on Dias Ferreira is the book store Argumento which always seems to have a crowd standing in front of it.  Well, I found out that there are a number of reasons for a crowd to be gathered in front: Book signings, storytelling/events for children (starting at 11am on Sundays) and […]

Oui Oui, French food in Brazil

Yes there is French food in Brazil! Chef Pascal Jolly of Club Chocolate (which closed last year, but apparently was a huge hit)  has found a new home at Chez L’Ami Martin which opened at the beginning of this year.  FYI- make a reservation.  We showed up without one and the hostess was very rude […]

Lunch at the Palace

Nested inside the Paço Imperial (Palace, the emperor’s first residence in Brazil) is the Atrium restaurant.  Named one of the most beautiful restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, you feel pleasantly transported to another time.   The traditional colonial style building was built in 1743 and restored in 1980. Notice the think walls and heavy arches, […]