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Where to stay in Guanacaste Costa Rica: Four Seasons

For this years ‘winter trip’ we decided to explore two different regions of Costa Rica: Guanacaste and Manuel Antonio.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting all sorts of tips, restaurant reviews, cool things to do in Costa Rica, the best surf spots and more!  To kick things off, let’s start with where to stay […]

Best steak in Campos do Jordao: Libertango

If you are in Campos do Jordao and in the mood for a superb steak dinner head over to the Serodio family owned restaurant Libertango and you will not be disappointed!  They take the meaning of ‘family run restaurant’ to a whole different level where you almost feel like you are part of the family by […]

Steak.. It’s what’s for lunch at Leoncio

If you are craving meat or wandering around Vila Magdelena looking for a great place for lunch, head over to Leoncio restaurant, situated in a cute house on Rua Girassol. Enter through the front grate and sit at one of the tables scattered throughout the small court yard which is partially covered so you can […]

Uruguayan restaurant in Leblon disappoints

As you know, when a new restaurant opens in Leblon (near me) I have to try it as soon as possible so I can give you the real truth about the place.  Right next to Guiseppe Grill on Bartolomeu Mitri a new Uruguayan restaurant named Gonzalo Parrilla recently opened. Since the restaurant is open to […]

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner at Fogo do Chao

You have probably heard of the restaurant Fogo de Chao since it is a chain with locations in major U.S. cities, however it is the Botafogo beach location in Rio de Janiero that is truly their best one.  The Fogo do Chao in Rio is one of the best churrascaria‘s and it has one of the most […]

Sao Paulo’s Best Steak House: Figueria Rubaiyat

When you tell someone you are going to Sau Paulo for the weekend, one of the first things they tell you is that ‘you have to go to Figueira Rubaiyat for dinner-it’s the best!’.  Well, they aren’t kidding, Figueira Rubaiyat is a beautiful restaurant built around a 600 years old fig tree which is absolutely stunning. Start […]

Steak, In Buenos Aires, It’s What’s For Dinner!

Coming from Brazil, I have had my share of delicious steaks and visited some of the best churrascarias, but I had heard that the steak in Argentina would knock my socks off…. I had made arrangements for us to attend a dinner and tango show, however the hotel had made a mistake and had booked […]

Porcão… Go Hungry!!

Churrascarias (Brazilian Steakhouses), are extremely popular in Brazil and throughout South America (FYI Churrasco roughly translates to barbeque).  Porcão, is by far the best and most popular of all Churrascarias; I have been a number of times but for those who have never been I figured it might help to have a game plan before […]

Great Steakhouse With An Impressive Wine Collection…

Known for having some of the best seafood and beef in Leblon, Guiseppe Grill has been on my ‘must try’ list since I arrived.  You can feel and see the vibe of this chic restaurant just by walking past the dim lit entry way with the large fish tank positioned right in front. We stared […]