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Fun House SP

Set in an actual house, Funhouse is a unique mix of house party, bar, and mini-club.  the decoration is inspired by Coney Island in New York.  Personally, I think this is super random, I’ve been to Coney Island and besides the russian baths it’s not a place I would normally hang out at, plus Funhouse looks like […]

Day party in Ilhabela: Sea Club

Day clubs are popular in cities around the word like St Tropez, Miami, Vegas, Ibiza, Marbella etc.  The concept of a day party is still new to Brazil; so if you  like day parties and happen to be in Ilhabela you are in luck! Combining beach, pool, music (from international DJ’s), gastronomy and drinks into a luxurious […]

House party at Casa 92

Amazing nightlife…something New York and São Paulo have in common! Like New York, whatever you are in the mood to do for the evening you can make it happen in São Paulo. From bars and clubs to concerts and street parties, to karaoke and after hours, Paulistas know how to party.  On Saturday for my friends birthday I […]

Party at Pacha Floripa

Pacha is one of those famous ‘posh’ night clubs that have locations all over the world so of course they had to have a location in Florianopolis.  Since it is located between the airport and Jurere I would recommend taking a cab since I highly doubt you will want (or be able) to drive home […]

Floripa: Where to day party

Sunday- Fun Day, Boozy brunch, whatever you want to call it, who doesn’t like to drink and dance on tables during the day?! In New York people flock to Lavo Champagne Brunch, Day and Night, Eat Yo Brunch, Brasserie Beaumarchais, Le Bilboquet, PH-D at Dream Downtown and of course Bagatelle’s brunch.  If you like ‘day parties’, electronic music and seeing beautiful […]

Beachfront dining and drinking at Astor

I must admit when I first moved to Rio, almost 2 years ago I had expected to see lots of cool and lively ‘beach front’ restaurants, not the case.  For those of you who have seen pictures of the beaches in Rio you will see that there are in fact a number of restaurants lining […]

Trendy new club in Lapa: Leviano Bar

Feel like spending the night drinking fancy cocktails and dancing in Lapa? Saturday head over to Leviano Bar at the beginning of Mem de Sá in Lapa by Arcos.  Trust me, the wild lights and huge scene outside will grab your attention immediately! If you are hungry or in the mood for some fabulous people watching, grab a seat outside […]

Zero Zero Is The Place To Party on Saturday Night

It is finally summer in Brazil, and it is HOT! Seriously, if you think New York in the summer is painfully hot (which I agree can be pretty scorching sometimes), Rio has it beat.  After hanging at the beach all Saturday how should you spend the rest of your afternoon and evening?  Head over to […]

Can You Party Like A Brazilian?

If you think New yorkers know how to party and stay out late, Brazilians put us to shame! Every weekend there are crazy dance parties that you buy tickets (R$40-R$60) for ahead of time, and I am going to tell you about Rock Rock, which was hosted at Clube Santa Luzia (a ‘club’ on the […]

Morro de Sao Paulo: Nightlife

I was in Morro de Sao Paulo a little off season so I didn’t get to experience the full effect of the wild nightlife this island has to offer; but definitely got a good preview into it! Around 10pm local venders start setting up their ‘drink stands’ along the beach(see above) and by midnight things […]