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Found: Real Greek yogurt in Brazil!

I’m am personally not a fan of Greek yogurt, so this post is for the folks living in Brazil searching for the ‘real thing’ since apparently the ‘Greko’ yogurt in the supermarket doesn’t actually taste like Greek yogurt. The Delicari a new yogurt, ice cream and cheese spot has made a home for itself in Vila […]

Supermarket Hortifruti gets an upgrade…sort of

Living in Zona Sul you have 4 options as to where you can buy your groceries: 1.  Pão De Açúcar which is more of a ‘mega supermarket’, it is huge and you can find pretty much anything you are looking for including imported goods and house items (think Miami’s Publix).  2. Zona Sul which is your everyday […]

Home decor and lunch in Centro at Besi

I was in Centro the other day for a meeting when I came across a store that looked so cute, and reminded me of an NY home goods boutique I had to go in and investigate.  Besi, is not your average ‘home goods’ store, walking around, I felt as if I had discovered this incredible hidden treasure in the […]

Do I need a Brazilian gym makeover? Spandex should come to mind

SPANDEX, SPANDEX, AND MORE SPANDEX!!!!! Check out some of those amazing prints above! There are stores lined with every printed spandex you could possibly desire or dream of…the pic above is only one wrack, imagine an entire store full! I have blogged about the Brazilian ‘gym attire‘ in the past, but the other day it was […]

The Dias Ferreira of Barra: Olegario Maciel

Living in Zona Sul if you are in the mood for a nice dinner you will probably decide to wander down Dias Ferreira in Leblon as it features restaurants like: Quadrifoglio Cafe, Esch Cafe, Sushi Leblon and more; I live close by so have covered most of the restaurants lining the street.  What happens when […]

Everything you need for your wine & cheese night: Casa Carandai

When living in New York, I spent a year residing on top of Whole Foods and became pretty accustomed to the convenience.  I throw a lot of wine and cheese nights at my place so I loved being able to pop downstairs and pick up anything I might need for the night in one place. […]

Is Sao Paulo Really Like New York?

When I told people I was going to Sao Paulo for the weekend the response was: You are going to love it, it is just like New York!’ Let’s be clear, NOTHING is like New York.  The reason people say this is because they consider Sao Paulo to be the ‘New York” of Brazil while […]

Best Shopping Street in Sao Paulo

Living in Rio is incredible, except when it comes to shopping, you have no choice but to head to Sao Paulo (since Rio shopping is only good for bikinis!).  In the Jardins district of Sao Paulo is famous tree-lined Rua Oscar Freire which stretches from Alameda Casa Branca to Avinda Doutor Arnaldo.  When I stepped out […]

SoHo in Buenos Aires

When I was living in New York, one of my favorite things to do on a spring weekend was walk around SoHo, grab brunch at Felix, maybe do a little shopping, and check out the street art.  For the first day of summer in Argentina, I headed over to Palermo, the SoHo of Buenos Aires. […]

Are You Ready For New Years In Rio?

With New Years just two days away the stores are jam packed with women looking for their perfect white outfit, as it is a popular tradition in Rio to wear white clothes for New Year’s Eve. White is considered the lucky color that will bring prosperity for the following year. Since I am one of […]