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Vista Chinesa: The best view of Rio de Janeiro

When it comes to ‘view points’ Rio is packed with spectacular options to choose from like Christo, Sugar Loaf, and Dois Irmãos but there is one you don’t hear about as often that truly is the best view of Rio de Janeiro and that is Vista Chinesa or Chinese View which is located in the district of Alto da Boa […]

Happy Easter

Easter is a pretty big deal in Brazil, I think they started putting up the giant chocolate eggs and decorations the day after New Years.  Thankfully, this year in Rio Zona Sul got rid of last years ‘scary bunnies‘ and went with a more ‘kid friendly’ bunny (below).  Hope you have a great holiday!

45 Years of Italian Design

As part of my ‘cultural explorations’ I went to the 45 years of Italian Design exhibition at the Sao Paolo Museu da Casa Brasileira. The show which highlights the significance of Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro’s work for the Italian design identity ends on March 31st!  The Museu da Casa Brasileira, which gives the most important design award […]

SP: Lady Dior As Seen By

As part of moving to a new city I promised myself I would try to go to at least one cultural or art related event a week (I used to do this when I lived in NYC), and I am so glad I have kept that promise!  Yesterday I went to the “Lady Dior As […]

SP: Il Bienal International Graffiti Fine Art exhibit at Nova Cultural

As you know I am a huge fan of the graffiti culture in Brazil, so I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon the Il Bienal International Graffiti Fine Art exhibit at Nova Cultural this past weekend.  Nova Cultural is an outdoor sculpture -art park with 2 galleries, 2 restaurants, a cinema and home to antique fairs […]

Day by day of Carnival 2013

People around Brazil spend the entire year getting ready and excited for Carnival, and for good reason.  Besides working to build the floats and costumes people are preparing themselves for 2+weeks of crazy partying which lets face it, it isn’t normal to be party hopping and dancing non stop 24/7 you actually do need to […]

Carnaval: Dance in the Sambadromo

As you know I have attended the Carnaval parades at the Sambadromo in Rio de Janeiro the last 2 years (see previous posts HERE); seeing the floats, costumes and dance numbers that people have worked all year on come to life is truly an incredible experience. This year I was able to actually dance and […]

Adventurous brunch at Parque Lage

There are many reasons one makes the walk or drive over to Jardim Botanico’s Parque Lage.  For the adventurous type seeking a full day of activity it is here you can begin the strenuous hike up to see Christo, or explore hidden architectural treasures, have brunch in a picturesque setting, connect with nature, or take […]

Street art gallery A7MA in São Paulo

While in Sao Paulo, wandering the streets of Vila Magdalena on my self guided ‘graffiti tour’ I stumbled upon a true hidden gem: A gallery devoted to the street artists of Brazil A7MA .  It was the graffiti covered garage (above) that drew me across the street from Batman’s Alley entrance. As I was taking pictures the […]

What’s up with the wax napkins?

When you are sitting at any of the traditional botequims (bars like Clipper) enjoying some yummy petiscos (snacks) and reach for a napkin you will notice that it feels a bit ‘off’, like maybe you are at the end of the dispenser.  You might even grab a few of these ‘napkins’ thinking it’s you- it’s not. […]