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Traveling to Sao Paulo for business? Recommended meeting spots

If you intend to conduct business in Brazil, there’s a good chance you’ll be going to São Paulo as it is by far Brazil’s most import business center in Brazil.  Almost every major industry in Brazil is based there (as well as most of the minor ones, too), and 15% of Brazil’s gross national product is […]

Healthy food on the go: Market Ipanema

When living in Rio, Market Ipanema was one of my ‘go to’ spots for a good salad in a nice atmosphere (they had an outdoor garden area).  On my last trip to Rio I discovered that they replaced their casual dining scene moving to a smaller location to position themselves as a healthy gourmet ‘grab […]

My favorite places in NYC

Whenever I go to New York people ask me what I miss the most, what places I try to go to etc.  To make things easier for folks traveling from Brazil to NY, here are my favorite places / recommendations, keep in mind I try to cram all this into an 8 day trip! CVS […]

Panini Please!

Whenever I am in New York and craving a good Panini I always head to Bite, it is super tiny, to- go only but it truly is the best prosciutto and mozzarella Panini in the city.  I was in the mood for a Panini the other day and a friend recommended we try Brera (one […]

Found: Real Greek yogurt in Brazil!

I’m am personally not a fan of Greek yogurt, so this post is for the folks living in Brazil searching for the ‘real thing’ since apparently the ‘Greko’ yogurt in the supermarket doesn’t actually taste like Greek yogurt. The Delicari a new yogurt, ice cream and cheese spot has made a home for itself in Vila […]

My favorite lunch in Sao Paulo (Best Salad)

There are tons of amazing salad places in New York, and plenty of girls like me who live on them, in Brazil, unfortunately not the case!  When I first got to Brazil, I found that finding a good salad (like an actually good salad) was extremely hard to find which made most of my lunches/dinners […]

SP: Vegetarian spot in Vila Madalena

I have nothing against vegetarians, if you are able to make that lifestyle work for you, congratulations; I on the other hand am a true carnivore.  I think I would last about 2 days as a vegetarian and that would be that (I try not to eat that many carbs and the thought of living […]

SP: Pastry heaven in Jardins

Looking for a cozy place that feels like home but serves delicious pastries, cakes, salads and sandwiches that are way better then whatever you are making at home?  If you are in Sao Paulo’s Jardins you must stop by the Lecherhaus House, a German pastry shop serving breakfast, lunch and delicious pastries.  The place itself […]

Looking For A Great Hidden Brunch Spot In Rio?

Around the corner from me on Dias Ferreira is the book store Argumento which always seems to have a crowd standing in front of it.  Well, I found out that there are a number of reasons for a crowd to be gathered in front: Book signings, storytelling/events for children (starting at 11am on Sundays) and […]

Not Your Average Health Food

Juice Co is a great restaurant that certainly lives up to its name as you will find over 60 different, delicious juice concoctions. But the trendy restaurant serves much more than just freshly squeezed juice.  The stylish two-story  restaurant serves a wide rage of healthy food choices from foccacia sandwiches and salads to risottos, grilled […]