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Food fair in Sampa: Omercado Feira Gastronomica by Danubio

There have been a number of food fairs popping up around Sao Paulo, most recently the Omercado Feira Gastronomica by Danubio…for the New Yorkers reading this, think of it as a mini version of the food and wine festival.  15 restaurants and chefs participated in last weeks feira with each vendor stall serving its own […]

Sunday food fair in Vila Madalena

Moment of truth… I am a bit of a picky eater (eek) but I am open and interested in trying new things which is why I’ve always been a big fan of going to ‘food fairs’, I mean, come on who doesn’t love a good food sampling?! These things are perfect for me because I […]

Craving some authentic Japanese? Head over to Liberdade

Surprising fact: São Paulo has the largest Japanese community outside of Japan in the world and has been growing since the 1950s!  In New York we have China Town… in Sao Paulo we have the equivalent, ‘Japantown’ known as Liberdade. It is very similar to NY’s Chinatown lined with all different types of stores, people selling random stuff, […]

SP: Il Bienal International Graffiti Fine Art exhibit at Nova Cultural

As you know I am a huge fan of the graffiti culture in Brazil, so I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon the Il Bienal International Graffiti Fine Art exhibit at Nova Cultural this past weekend.  Nova Cultural is an outdoor sculpture -art park with 2 galleries, 2 restaurants, a cinema and home to antique fairs […]

Northeastern experience in Rio at Feira São Cristóvão

When driving to Zona Sul from the airport you will notice a huge stadium that is filled with tents.  It is not a stadium under construction for the world cup (sorry), it is actually feira or market place filled with traditional Northeastern Brazilian treats, goods, crafts, food and music.  Feira de Sao Cristavo is a great place […]

Exploring San Telmo and Plaza Mayo

If you are in Buenos Aires on a Sunday you must head over to San Telmo and check out the Feria in the plaza Dorrego, Defensa and Humberto Primo Street from 10 am to 5 pm.   This fair is famous worldwide for its eccentricity and varied range of historical elements, furniture, china, glasses, cameras, […]

Somebody Say ‘Fresh Fruits’?

Go Green, GO Local! For those of you who love farmers markets and fresh produce, you would love the weekly ‘Feira’! Every day of the week a ‘Feira’ is taking place in Rio de Janeiro (each day in a different neighborhood).  Now this isn’t your average ‘fruit fair’… First off, it isn’t just fruit, there […]

Ipanema Hippie Fair

Everywhere you go in the world you will find some form of a street fair, each unique with different items, vendors, local merchants, specialties etc…..If you are a New Yorker reading this, the first that comes to mind would be the street fairs that take over 3rd ave (and other various avenues) during the year […]

From High Society Tea to Saara.. There is something for everyone

After the seeing the beautiful churches (see my last post), it was time for a ‘snack’. We headed to Confeitaria Colombo, a well known Belle Époque’ tearoom that opened its doors in 1894; quickly becoming the ’ rendez-vous’ place of choice for Rio’s high society members. The ornate late 19th century decor really did remind […]