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Great Steakhouse With An Impressive Wine Collection…

Known for having some of the best seafood and beef in Leblon, Guiseppe Grill has been on my ‘must try’ list since I arrived.  You can feel and see the vibe of this chic restaurant just by walking past the dim lit entry way with the large fish tank positioned right in front. We stared […]

Taste of Rio

Last year, when I was in New York, I attended the Food & Wine Festival Grand Tasting and had a blast!  When I heard about the Taste of Rio: a similar style event, of course I bought my tickets right away. Note: I found the ticket process to be very annoying/inconvenient- You fill out a […]

Dental Care is a Must!

The Brazilians understand that it is important to floss everyday…… In almost every bathroom you go in, next to the paper towel you will find dental floss! Tweet

Close Ups From Escaderia Selaron

My little piece of New York in Selaron… View from the top… Crazy that if you were coming down from Santa Teresa you might miss the beautiful steps! Known for his paintings of pregnant women, these images are scattered throughout the entire staircase One of my favorite tiles.. Tweet

Explore Escadaria Selaron….

The Selaron Stairway is one of the coolest places I have been to see since I arrived in Rio.  Created by Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón who claims it as “my tribute to the Brazilian people” (see picture below of me w/ Jorge Selaron!), the staircase is something worth seeing for yourself if you are in […]

Never Leave Your Credit Card At The Bar Again!

Now this is something that the US should definitely adapt! When you arrive at a bar/night club/ lounge (wherever you like to spend your nights out) you receive a card that looks like the one below.  Head over to the bar and order a drink…..When the bar tender is finished shaking up your caipirinah he […]

Teddy Does Saquarema

Recently, people have been asking about Teddy (the cute little guy pictured above).  He is doing great, loving Rio and thrilled that we now have a car so we can take him on some of our adventures. An hour and a half from Rio you will find the beautiful laid back town of Saquarema.  About […]

Somebody Say ‘Fresh Fruits’?

Go Green, GO Local! For those of you who love farmers markets and fresh produce, you would love the weekly ‘Feira’! Every day of the week a ‘Feira’ is taking place in Rio de Janeiro (each day in a different neighborhood).  Now this isn’t your average ‘fruit fair’… First off, it isn’t just fruit, there […]

A Little Bit of NYC Wherever You Are In The World

In Barra..

Hot Zone

It is now officially ‘fall’ here which means that the temperature has been dropping and we are experiencing a bit of a cold and rainy front (highs of 74!). I know you are reading this and either thinking ” 74 degrees is not cold!” or “jealous/she doesn’t need it to rub it in, I wouldn’t […]