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Arpoador = Perfect AM Surf Spot

Arpoador is the name of the small beach at the east end of Ipanema, it is actually what separates Ipanema from Copacabana and it is also the giant rock formation which projects from it, into the Atlantic Ocean. If you are walking down the beach and make it to Arpoador I recommend ‘climbing’ around on the rocks and seeing the different […]

Make Girls Night Happen Wherever You Are

While living in NYC  once a week my girl friends and I would get together for ‘Girls Night Out’.  Each week we try a new restaurant in NYC ( there are so many restaurants, why repeat?).  We catch up over wine, while dining on cheese plates and other little tapas items at whichever hot new […]

In The Mood For Some Bubbly? Rio’s Got A Champagneria

If you like champagne head over to Ovelha Negra (Black Sheep of Porto Alegre) a champagneria in Botafogo (15 min drive from Leblon).  If you are a New Yorker reading this, I am sure the first place that comes to mind when  you think champagneria is Bubble Lounge or Flûte Bar in NYC, well Ovelha […]

Porcão… Go Hungry!!

Churrascarias (Brazilian Steakhouses), are extremely popular in Brazil and throughout South America (FYI Churrasco roughly translates to barbeque).  Porcão, is by far the best and most popular of all Churrascarias; I have been a number of times but for those who have never been I figured it might help to have a game plan before […]

Morro de Sao Paulo: Nightlife

I was in Morro de Sao Paulo a little off season so I didn’t get to experience the full effect of the wild nightlife this island has to offer; but definitely got a good preview into it! Around 10pm local venders start setting up their ‘drink stands’ along the beach(see above) and by midnight things […]

TIROLEZA ‘Zipline’ in Morro de Sao Paulo

The small beautiful island of Morro de São Paolo, boasts gorgeous beaches, snorkeling in natural pools…and the 340 metre-long Tiroleza (zip line) from a lighthouse into the sea at Primeira Praia (First Beach). It is a beautiful climb to the top of the hill (see above), actually feels like you are on a ‘hike’ for those […]

Morro de Sao Paul: How To Get There & What To Bring

Morro de São Paulo is one of 5 villages of the island Tinharé in Bahia Brazil (off the coast of Salvador).  There are only 2 ways to get to the island:  By boat or a quick 30 min flight.  Believe me, it is a beautiful and fun island to it is worth the additional travel, […]

Scenes of Salvador

The Broken Cross Senhor do Bonfim wrist ribbons are known as ‘fitas‘ and have “Lembrança do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia” printed on them. Translated from Portuguese, the phrase roughly means In Remembrance of the Savior of Bahia or Souvenir from the God of Bahia—or something along those lines, so here’s the deal: Make  A […]

Looking For The Best Romantic Restaurant in Salvador?

When visiting Salvador you must try the delicious ‘Bahian‘ food and there is no better place than Maria Mata Mouro.  Set in the historical district of Pelourinho, the indoor tables behind the facade window are in a nice room, but nothing special, you might even consider walking  right past the restaurant, but trust me, its […]

The Golden Church of São Francisco

Salvador has some of the most beautiful churches in Brazil, including the famous São Francisco Church and Convent of Salvador (Convento e Igreja de São Francisco)which is located in the historical center and was built between 1708 and 1723.  Most decoration of the church and convent were finished by 1755. The main façade, which faces […]