Monthly Archives: July, 2011

Teddy Does Prainha

Teddy has officially declared himself ‘ King of the beach’!  I have never seen a little guy so excited to get to the beach, play in the sand and splash around in the water!  When we are about 2 block away (he can smell it) and charges as fast as he can- its really cute.  […]

The Things NY Mag Forgot To Mention….

I finally got myself a copy of the April issue of New York Magazine which did a 4 pages spread on Rio. I can say for a fact that visiting Rio for a few weeks doesn’t make you an expert and I am sure that if the person writing this had stayed in town a […]


Cachaça is a liquor made from fermented sugarcane and is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Brazil, for good reason, it tastes great!  Cachaça is the essential ingredient in the Brazilian national drink; the Caipirinha. If you aren’t in Brazil, don’t get upset, YOU can enjoy Cachaça anywhere! Look for Leblon Cachaça. Crafted at Maison Leblon, […]

Jamba Juice Has Got NOTHING on The Juice Bars In Brazil

In Rio de Janeiro you will find Sucos Bars (Juice Bars), EVERYWHERE! Probably the most popular thing you will see people having besides Coconut water or a Caipirinha   There is such a wide variety of fruit grown in the country, and if you are not a fruit person (like me) but you like the […]


Thinking of visiting Brazil? Instead of spending hours searching the web for places to stay, restaurants to go to, activities in each area etc, I figured I would make it easy for you…. Check out the NEW Itineraries Page!  Here you will find full itineraries with loads of options to ensure you have a great […]

Craving A Salad? Head to BiBi Crepes

There are tons of delicious restaurants in Leblon, in fact over half of the restaurants on the ‘best restaurant‘ lists are in Leblon, specifically on or near Rua Dias Ferreira.  However if you aren’t in the mood for a pricey, huge/filling meal and like any New Yorker, are craving a ‘make your own salad‘ kind […]

The REAL Açaí

For those of you that are always on the look out for the next diet trick you have definitely heard about the benefits of Açaí.  I am sure you have heard that Acai berries are abundant sources of crucial vitamins and minerals, have strong anti-oxidant properties and help boost metabolism and detoxify the entire body.  […]

Looking For Imported Goods?

One thing I realized about a week into my move to Rio was that it was a bit challenging to find any of my ‘normal’ kitchen items/ products that I use all the time in New York such as honey mustard,  jams, peanut butter…you know, the basics.  I had been hunting for these key items […]

Graffiti: Arpoador

While you are riding the waves in… Check out the awesome graffiti lining the beach!

Restaurante Zo Zo

Obviously I have yet to visit Sugarloaf Mountain as you would have read about it by now.  We attempted a few times, but the line has been too insane, and I’m not that patient….Will get there this spring (Brazil is reversed so  NY Fall= Brazil Spring!) don’t worry!  Since we were already over there, we decided to […]