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Home Depot Of Brazil

Moving to a new apartment? Fixing up your place and need supplies? Head over to Casa Show, the Home Depot of Brazil. With a large selection of products for construction, renovation, decoration, tools and utilities for the home it really is your only option in Rio.  From outdoor furniture to lighting, knobs, screws and hammers […]

Trendy Hot Spot in Botafogo…. doiZ

Stormy weather got you down? In need of a fun night out? A hot date spot to give your game a little boost? Then head over to doiZ, a bi-level Über trendy restaurant/bar in Botafogo (same folks that brought your Meza Bar).   Once you get past the large doorman and receive your drink card ;walk into […]

Back In Rio

I am back in Brazil, get excited and stay tuned for some awesome posts to come!!! Thank you for reading my blog!

Thinking Of Trying A Juice Cleanse?

Yes, juices are kind of a big deal in Brazil, but it is the ‘Cleanse’ juices that are taking over Manhattan.  I recently discovered Liquiteria on 11th street and 2nd ave (been around since ’96 and I am just discovering it- gotta love NYC).  There are a lot of fresh pressed vegetable juices (which I […]

Graffiti NYC

I have done a number of posts showcasing the beautiful graffiti decorating the walls of Rio de Janeiro (see the Graffiti tab!).  Since I am in New York, felt I had to share my recent NYC graffiti finds….. enjoy!Free Love in the East Village Check out the awesome side of Flatiron’s B.E.S restaurant!  

Buzios Boutique NYC

Are you Brazilian and craving your favorite snacks, guarana, soaps, bathing suits, etc? OR a New Yorker that is looking for a little taste of Brazil? Your answer is hidden on the 2nd floor of 46th Street (Little Brazil), Buzios Boutique. Half of the store is Brazilian flag/ apparel, bikinis, and Havianas…on the other side […]

More to Come

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately.  I am currently in back in the states visiting family, friends and going to weddings, you know how the summer goes…but I wanted to say I am sorry if you felt I had left you hanging for a bit.  Don’t worry, I will […]

Check Out The Official Rio 2016 Olympics Preview!

Mastering the Art of Drinking Saki in Brazil

Brazil has an incredible collection of awesome sushi/ Japanese restaurants and personally, I feel nothing goes better with  sushi then some cold saki (or if you are being adventurous a saki bomb;)).  For some reason the Japanese restaurants in Brazil, including BenKai and Togo  associate saki with a very difficult to drink from square cup! […]