Monthly Archives: October, 2011

A Girls Dream Come True: Custom Shoes

Do you have a hard time finding beautiful shoes that are actually comfortable? Have the perfect dress and just can’t find a shoe to match? Getting married and don’t want to end the night as a bare-foot hobbling bride?  NOW, you can stop going from store to store trying on endless uncomfortable shoes and stressing […]

Looking For A Great Hidden Brunch Spot In Rio?

Around the corner from me on Dias Ferreira is the book store Argumento which always seems to have a crowd standing in front of it.  Well, I found out that there are a number of reasons for a crowd to be gathered in front: Book signings, storytelling/events for children (starting at 11am on Sundays) and […]

Rainy Day? Explore The Mac Museum

Another rainy day?  Head over the Niterói Bridge and visit the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum(MAC).  I love and hate the drive over the bridge on a foggy day… with the long 8.25mile drive and deep fog rolling in, it feels like you are acting out a scene from a scary movie! Once you make it […]

Boats of Ilha Grande

Since there are no roads in Ilha Grande, your only way to explore the island is by hiking or by boat.  Check out all of the different types of boats!  The Schooners and speed boats are used for tours and general transportation.  

Ilha Grande: Marbella Pizzeria

After having seafood for dinner and lunch we needed a change of pace and pizza seemed to be the perfect fit.  Marbella Pizzaria located in Abraao Ilha Grande is an old fashioned pizza restaurant with a tropical twist.  The inside reminded me of your standard pizza joint with red and white place-mats, the outside area […]

Ilha Grande: Lopes Mendez

For our final day on Ilha Grande we decided to explore the opposite part of the island from the boat tour and head to Lopes Mendes. Lopes Mendes was named one of the 15 more perfect beaches in the world by Travel + Leisure.  Getting there: From the Abraao village you have three options: Schooner […]

Ilha Grande: Abraão Village

When I have referred to ‘town’ in past Ilha Grande posts I am referring to Abraão Village which is home to many of the restaurants, hotels, bars, travel agencies, grocery stores and boat rentals in Ilha Grande. Note: If you want to stay close to the ‘action’ on the island, find a pousada in walking […]

Shana Tova…

For those of you who celebrated the holidays this weekend, Shana Tova!  Something I found out… in order to have nice Jewish food for Yom Kippur,  you have to order it way in advance because most places run out of it immediately after Rosh Hashana. This was news to me, but luckily we were referred […]

Best Restaurant In Ilha Grande: O Pescador

Looking for a romantic candle lit beach from dinner? Head over to O Pescador on Abraaos beach where the main town is located in Ilha Grande. The inside is cozy with the beautiful ocean view or you can opt to sit outside in the sand. Personally, I love sitting at the tables in the sand- that […]

Ilha Grande: Island Tour

Located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro and part of the municipality of Angra Ilha Grande, is one of the most pristine remnants of Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest, one of the richest ecosystems in the world, and a hotspot for biodiversity and conservation. You can choose to hike the many trails or take a boat […]