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Rio Carnival – Sambadrome 2012

The other night a friend of mine asked how Brazil’s Carnival began and I must admit I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t know the full story (especially since I have attended the past 2 years and write about it).  Here is how it all began: The origin of Brazil’s carnival goes back to […]

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Experience Carnaval

The video below is an exquisite full depiction of the Champions night of 2011’s Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval at the Sambadrome.  Sorry, but it puts New York’s Macy’s Day Parade to shame… Keep checking back as I will be posting some of the incredible videos from this years Carnaval!   The City of Samba from […]

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Carnaval ‘Slinky Time’

Carnaval is one of the most exciting times to be in Rio de Janeiro, and I was fortunate enough to go to the Sambadromo (place where the real action takes place, floats, costumes- the real deal) this year.  At the Sambadromo, each school starts its march with a performance and Unidos da Tijuca totally nailed […]

The Craziest Beatles Bloco in Rio: Sargento Pimenta

As I explained in my last post, Blocos are one of the highlights of Carnaval and simply should not be missed.  I went to one of the most popular Blocos this weekend, Sargento Pimenta e o Clube dos Corações Solitários This was definitely one of the largest and craziest Blocos I have ever been to- […]

Carnaval Blocos & How to Find Your Friends with Meus-Blocos!

Carnaval, in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most exciting and fun experiences you can possibly have!  It officially kicks off tonight,  but there have been Blocos (street parties) going on since last weekend– it is really a 3 week party so be prepared!! Every neighborhood in Rio has its own form of Carnival […]

Casa da Praia Itauna

Saquarema is a relaxed beach town, where the surfing is great and everything is very laid back. While walking down the beach we saw something out of the ordinary, a trendy restaurant;  of course I had to investigate:)  Just steps from the beach discover Casa da Praia Itauna, a restaurant / bar with live music […]

The Maasai in Saquarema

I have walked past this beautiful beach restaurant multiple times and have been wanting to try it for dinner since I first spotted it. This weekend it was my mission to go over to Maasai, the hotel with a beautiful restaurant overlooking the beach- in front of the ‘post 9’ area of Saquarema. Maasai restaurant […]

Graffiti: Marcelo Ment Time Out Rio Follow Up

Marcelo Ment Show Covered by Time Out Rio 28 Jan- 4 Mar Leading Brazilian graf artist takes things indoors Carioca painter Marcelo Ment is one of Brazil’s leading urban artists, and until 4 March the spray can specialist will be exhibiting his new show Contrastes, featuring a dose of multimedia, photography from his global […]

Brazil Is Calling YOU!

Graffiti: Marcelo Ment Show

If you are following my blog, I think it’s pretty obvious that I love street art.  In Brazil graffiti or street art is truly art, no lame tags, or random ugly scribbles.  Quite different than other major cities around the world, Rio de Janeiro sees graffiti as a tool to bring an experience of art […]