Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Stravaganze Is No Ordinary Pizzeria

I remember my first cab ride around Lagoa and out of the corner of my eye spotting an adorable glass-front restaurant with candles lining the walls.  Since that first glimpse a year ago I have wanted to try this cute restaurant and finally, made my way to Stravaganze Pizzeria, my mystery restaurant. From the outside  this […]

Graffiti: Lagoa and Jardim Botanico Part 2

I am fortunate enough to drive around the Lagoa and through Jardim Bonanico on a daily basis.  Why? I can tell you for sure, it is not sitting in traffic for an hour.  I am fortunate because I am given the opportunity to scope out any new graffiti that has appeared.  I have turned my […]

Zero Zero Is The Place To Party on Saturday Night

It is finally summer in Brazil, and it is HOT! Seriously, if you think New York in the summer is painfully hot (which I agree can be pretty scorching sometimes), Rio has it beat.  After hanging at the beach all Saturday how should you spend the rest of your afternoon and evening?  Head over to […]

Brazil’s Leading Digital Accelerator: 21212 Hosts First Demo Day

For the tech enthusiasts, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, VC’s, angels and anyone interested in learning more/ getting involved in/ investing in the digital space in Brazil, this is one post you MUST read! For those of you who don’t know, I work for 21212, a mentorship-driven digital accelerator program located in Rio (21) and NYC (212).  […]

A Resort For Dogs? You Bet!

As you know, I travel quite a bit and unfortunately Teddy is not always allowed to accompany me on my travels.  Thankfully, he isn’t upset about it, actually I think he gets pretty excited when we go away because that means he is going on a vacation too! Yes that’s right, when we travel we […]

Late Night Pizza at Vezpa

Do you get hungry after a night of dancing and partying?  For most people, I believe it all started in college…After a long and usually wild night out the ‘late night’ craving hits and what is always open late? Pizza.  Whether you like it, want it, don’t want it or know you shouldn’t have it, […]

One of the Most Beautiful Views Of Rio: Pedra Bonita

If you want to experience one of the best views of Rio, put your sneakers on and get ready to hike up Pedra Bonita Trail.  If you enjoy hiking, the trail to the Pedra Bonita is relatively easy, and despite being a little steep, it can be done by anyone and takes about 40 minutes. […]

Men Like To Dress Like Girls!

  I don’t know what it is but Brazil’s Carnaval seems to bring out the ‘woman’ in every man… I have never seen so many men (straight and gay) dressed in drag!   I have also seen a number of couples where the woman was dressed in something semi normal and the man is full out […]

Carnival: BEST Floats at the Sambadrome!

 I saw a lot of incredible floats this year when I attended the Sambadrome for Carnival, but there were definitely some that stood out from the rest (in a good way). Check out my favorite floats below…. Anyone up for a game of chess? Alice in Wonderland (this was incredible!! FYI the Bunny is not […]

Coolest “Moving” Floats of Carnaval 2012

One of my favorite things to do during Rio’s Carnaval is attend the Sambadrome (see previous post!) and see the incredible costumes and floats.  The day after Carnaval ends, people begin creating the floats and costumes for next year’s Carnaval which is why they are so fantastic.  Personally, the floats that have ‘moving’ pieces or […]