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Classic Italian-Brazilian combination at Quadrifoglio Cafe

I have been on a mission to try all the restaurants lining Rua Dias Ferreira since I moved here, but of course new restaurants keep popping up making this quest take a little longer.  I am still not there yet (2 more to go) but I couldn’t resist knocking one of the ‘newer’ spots off my […]

Vacation day on Reserva Beach

Living in Leblon is great, but on the weekends it’s nice to mix things up, and catch some better waves so I have been heading out to Reserva Beach which is about 30 mins away (depending on traffic).  Located between Barra da Tijuca Beach and Recreio Beach, Reserva has a very long shoreline, and since you […]

Hidden gem in Botafogo: Miam Miam

Tucked away in an old mansion (that belonged to the grandma of chef Roberta Ciasca) in Botafogo is restaurant Miam Miam (French for ‘yum yum’).  You could walk past this house a million times and not even realize it’s a trendy restaurant; a true ‘hidden gem’, one of the best contemporary restaurants in Rio.  You can sit outside in the […]

Chic roof top bar in Jardim Botanico: Paxeco Bar

Since it is summer, New Yorkers are flocking to posh rooftop bars like 230 Fifth, and the Gansevoort roof.  To get their ‘trendy roof top’ fix carioca’s head to Paxeco Bar which is located on top of Restaurant Couve-Flor in the heart of the Jardim Botanico.  Paxeco  is wide open which provides for great views of Jardim Botanico and Christ […]

Esch Cafe: A little ‘Havana’ in Rio

While living in New York, if I was in the mood for some good Cuban food I would head to Havana Alma de Cuba or Cuba.   If you are looking for a taste of ‘Havana’ in Rio, head over to Esch Cafe in Leblon on Rua Dias Ferreira.  The waiters are dressed like Cuban […]

Rio+20: Humanidade experience

If you haven’t been reading the news then this post might be a bit confusing for you, but for those of you who do know what’s going on in the world, this week is Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) with the goal being to ensure a renewed political commitment to sustainable development, […]

Graffiti Lagoa/ jardim new additions

Which one is YOUR favorite???

New gastronomic complex in Zona Sul: Gourmet Lagoon

When I feel like going to see a movie I have always tried to go to Cinepolis Lagoon for two reasons: It’s a beautiful location right on the Lagoa and they serve caramel and regular popcorn (you can mix them).  You can read more of my thoughts on the movie theater here, but I want to […]

The Crystal Palace in Petropolis

After you visit the Bohemia Brewery, get some fresh air and walk over to the Crystal Palace, a glass-and-steel structure with impressive chandeliers that was originally intended as a ballroom. It was built in 1884 for the Crown Princess Isabel as a gift from her husband, the Conde d’Eu.  The palace is the centerpiece of a […]

Santos Dumont, the father of aviation

When I was high school (in the US) I remember learning about the Wright brothers, and how they were the first to fly.  Wrong! The first person to invent and fly an airplane was Brazil’s most famous aviator, Santos Dumont the true ‘Father of Aviation‘. In 1906 he was the first to fly, ie take off and land under his own […]