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Graffiti + Rio Gastronomia Ipanema

Enjoy the ballet in style at the Teatro Municipal

There is no better place to take in a show or the ballet then the Teatro Municipal; built in the twentieth century in the center of Rio de Janeiro it is one of the most beautiful theaters in the country.  Hop on the metro and get off at Cinelândia and step out into  the bustling square of Praça Marechal […]

Graffiti + Rio Gastronomia on Lagoa

Rio de Gastronomia which started yesterday and goes till August 26th, will have over 500 restaurants participating, there will be concerts, classes, lectures and of course some great cultural attractions like Arte and Rio Gastronima.  There are 20 large panels painted by graffiti artests in Ipanema and on the Lagoa.  Check out this years panels […]

Trendy new club in Lapa: Leviano Bar

Feel like spending the night drinking fancy cocktails and dancing in Lapa? Saturday head over to Leviano Bar at the beginning of Mem de Sá in Lapa by Arcos.  Trust me, the wild lights and huge scene outside will grab your attention immediately! If you are hungry or in the mood for some fabulous people watching, grab a seat outside […]

Hidden oasis: Praia do Joa

 I was at drinks the other night discussing the various beaches in Rio when someone mentioned Praia do Joa (or Joatinga), a beach I had not heard of.  The immediate response was ‘you must go it is beautiful!’, so the next day that is exactly what I did.  Hop in your car (it’s the only […]

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner at Fogo do Chao

You have probably heard of the restaurant Fogo de Chao since it is a chain with locations in major U.S. cities, however it is the Botafogo beach location in Rio de Janiero that is truly their best one.  The Fogo do Chao in Rio is one of the best churrascaria‘s and it has one of the most […]

Everything you need for your wine & cheese night: Casa Carandai

When living in New York, I spent a year residing on top of Whole Foods and became pretty accustomed to the convenience.  I throw a lot of wine and cheese nights at my place so I loved being able to pop downstairs and pick up anything I might need for the night in one place. […]

Derby Day in Rio

Derby day: Free at the Jockey Club in Riode Janeiro: Your excuse to get dressed up, gamble, drink lots of champagne and cheer loudly in the hopes that your horse will win!  This might be one of the only times that jacket and tie are a must for an event in Rio.  For the mens, […]

Graffiti: Flamengo

The perfect pre-game: Bordeaux Itaipava

Does the name Bordeaux sounds familiar? If you answered yes, then it’s because you read my previous blogpost about Bordeaux in Petropolis.  Turns out there is another one in Itaipava which is bit different.  Discovering Bordeaux Itaipava was an unexpected  and wonderful surprise.  We were walking around exploring the different shops when we saw some people dining outside […]