Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Classic Brazilian cuisine at Alvaro’s

Want to dine at a traditional Brazilian restaurant? Alvaro’s, which opened in 1963 is as ‘traditional Brazilian’ as it gets. On a typical day you can find this cozy restaurant filled with older regulars, families, businessmen and on occasion, politicians. It is one of the most frequented restaurants in Leblon and for good reason.  They […]

Northeastern experience in Rio at Feira São Cristóvão

When driving to Zona Sul from the airport you will notice a huge stadium that is filled with tents.  It is not a stadium under construction for the world cup (sorry), it is actually feira or market place filled with traditional Northeastern Brazilian treats, goods, crafts, food and music.  Feira de Sao Cristavo is a great place […]

Best massage in Ipanema at Viver Zen Spa

Tucked away in a little yellow house with a sliding glass door in Ipanema you might walk right past the relaxing oasis that is Viver Zen Spa. While you are waiting for your appointment, kick off your shoes and enjoy the little foot massagers as you sip green or camomile tea to get you in […]

All you can eat sushi in Ipanema: Nik Sushi

When you hear ‘all you can eat‘ and sushi in the same sentence a few things come to mind: Is the sushi going to be any good?! Sweet I’m starving! What if I am a picky sushi eater? Is it a disorganized mess?  At Nik Sushi in Ipanema you can set your worries aside!  The sushi is […]

Mid day chocolate craving? Head over to Envidia

As you know, I LOVE dessert, so when I realized there was a chocolaterie right around the corner from me on Dias Ferreira that I had not visited, I knew that had to change immediately.  Inside, Envida reminds me a little bit of  New York’s Cafe Lalo with its elegant yet cozy interior, however instead of a […]

Art Rio 2012

On Saturday I went to Art Rio, the second annual event  that showcases more than 100 collections of galleries from around the world and reflects Brazil’s growing presence in the contemporary art world.  Unfortunately, Art Rio only lasts for 4 days so you will have to wait until September 5-8 2013 to experience it.  The […]

Views of Arpoador

I went for a walk this morning and when I got to Arpoador decided to walk up to the top… check out the view!