Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Cupcakes in Rio de Janeiro

Remember the big cupcake craze that hit New York a few years ago? Well, it looks like Rio has finally caught on. The newest ‘sweets’ addition to the city is Cups & Co, a cupcake shop with 3 locations offering sweet and savory options of your all time favorites in the form of a cupcake! […]

A different kind of ‘favela’ experience in Complexo do Alemão

When I started organizing Entrepreneur Week Brazil, I decided that one day of the event would focus on social business. as it is having a profound effect here in Rio de Janeiro. I met with NBS who recently launched Rio+Rio; a project that aims to bring big brands to the process of pacification of favelas.  One […]

Casa Cor Rio

Over the weekend I went to my first Casa Cor Rio, an event/mansion that merges classical, contemporary and present day housing options in various spaces with tons of creativity, basically an interior designers playground!  80 Architects, landscapers and decorators idealized 52 spaces spread across the vacant mansion located at 762 Avenida Rui Barbosa on Flamengo […]

The Dias Ferreira of Barra: Olegario Maciel

Living in Zona Sul if you are in the mood for a nice dinner you will probably decide to wander down Dias Ferreira in Leblon as it features restaurants like: Quadrifoglio Cafe, Esch Cafe, Sushi Leblon and more; I live close by so have covered most of the restaurants lining the street.  What happens when […]

Spanish tapas makes its debut in Barra: OLÉ

I’ll be honest, I normally don’t hike out to Barra just to go to dinner (the traffic is awful and there are good restaurant options near me), but my good friend recently had a baby so I made the trip (aren’t I accommodating lol).  A tapas place opened down the street from her place so walking there […]

Where to eat in São Cristóvão: Adegão Portuguese

If you are heading over to Feira Sao Cristavo, I highly recommend not filling up on all of the Northeaster ‘treats’, and having lunch at Adegão Portuguese right across the street.  Adegão  has a very traditional comfortable atmosphere perfect for a business luncheon or a family meal.  I recommend going with a group or very hungry […]

Graffiti: Travessa Moacyr Deriquen in Copacabana

Uruguayan restaurant in Leblon disappoints

As you know, when a new restaurant opens in Leblon (near me) I have to try it as soon as possible so I can give you the real truth about the place.  Right next to Guiseppe Grill on Bartolomeu Mitri a new Uruguayan restaurant named Gonzalo Parrilla recently opened. Since the restaurant is open to […]

Entrepreneur Week Brazil: October 22nd-26th 2012

Entrepreneur Week has taken place in cities around the world and I am bringing it to Brazil for the first time!! Entrepreneur Week Brazil will take place the week of October 22nd at the Planetarium in Rio de Janeiro. EARLY BIRD TICKETS ARE ON SALE HERE TILL THURSDAY so make sure you register, this is an event you won’t […]