Monthly Archives: November, 2012

Home decor and lunch in Centro at Besi

I was in Centro the other day for a meeting when I came across a store that looked so cute, and reminded me of an NY home goods boutique I had to go in and investigate.  Besi, is not your average ‘home goods’ store, walking around, I felt as if I had discovered this incredible hidden treasure in the […]

Graffiti: Mural close ups

There are some incredible murals around Lagoa weaving into Humaita.. Here are some ‘close ups’ for you to enjoy… more to come so keep checking back! Angel’s over Rio… Power up….    Michael Jackson…

Beachfront dining and drinking at Astor

I must admit when I first moved to Rio, almost 2 years ago I had expected to see lots of cool and lively ‘beach front’ restaurants, not the case.  For those of you who have seen pictures of the beaches in Rio you will see that there are in fact a number of restaurants lining […]

Graffiti: Next to PUC

As you make your way up the drive way of Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC), located in Gavea, you will see some gorgeous graffiti lining the bus tunnel pass… enjoy!

Spanish tapas in Humaita

  Another awesome restaurant on Humaita’s Rua Iraja, Entre Tapas is serving traditional Spanish tapas cuisine adding some ‘spice’ to the street.  The restaurant is housed inside a nineteenth-century mansion creating a cozy atmosphere.  The specials are written on the wall as is the top wine and sangria selections of the day.  The restaurant it […]

Graffiti next to Morro do Cantagalo elevator in ipanema

What’s up with the wax napkins?

When you are sitting at any of the traditional botequims (bars like Clipper) enjoying some yummy petiscos (snacks) and reach for a napkin you will notice that it feels a bit ‘off’, like maybe you are at the end of the dispenser.  You might even grab a few of these ‘napkins’ thinking it’s you- it’s not. […]

Fun facts about Rio de Janeiro

Fun Fact #1 Portuguese explorers first encountered the island on January 1, 1502, hence the name Rio de Janeiro means River of January Fun Fact #2 Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s second largest city. Sao Paulo is the first. Fun Fact #3 Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil for almost two centuries from 1763 to 1960 […]

Graffiti: Entrance into Copacabana from Botafogo

Sidewalk Rant

Coming from New York, a place where I can walk as fast as I want without crashing into people, make it to appointments or meetings on time and generally feel much more ‘stress free’ as I walk down the sidewalk is something I deeply miss.  To me, the sidewalks of Rio feel like a battle […]