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Graffiti: Rua 5 de Julho, Copacabana

Best of Rio 2012

I can’t believe I’ve been living in Rio for 2 years- man does time fly!!  A lot has happened this year, went to some amazing places, tried lots of new restaurants, organized 2 tech events and got married. Instead of doing a full year recap with all the details (boring you by listing out all the […]

Most authentic Chinese food in Brazil

I love Chinese food and for some reason it’s been very hard to find good Chinese food in Brazil.  To be honest the best I have had in Rio so far tasted like the worst delivery I ever had in New York (not a good thing); that was until I discovered Restaurante Primeira Pá at the Chinese […]

Graffiti: Vila Magdelana, Sao Paulo

I am a big fan of  Sao Paulo’s neighborhood Vila Magdelana.  It provides the charm of the west village with a mix of the chelsea gallery scene.  You will find cool bars, art galleries, good restaurants and in general the people that live there seem genuinely happy as they go about their days.  It is […]

Street art gallery A7MA in São Paulo

While in Sao Paulo, wandering the streets of Vila Magdalena on my self guided ‘graffiti tour’ I stumbled upon a true hidden gem: A gallery devoted to the street artists of Brazil A7MA .  It was the graffiti covered garage (above) that drew me across the street from Batman’s Alley entrance. As I was taking pictures the […]

Graffiti: Batman’s Alley round 2

If you didn’t read my first post on Sao Paulo’s Batman’s Alley, and you like graffiti I recommend you checking out the first coverage I did here as this is clearly a follow up (hence the ’round 2′ in the title) and the previous article will offer more background information. Anyways, I was in Sao […]

Favela party in Vidigal

If you suggest going to a party in a favela to a Brazilian the typical response is ‘no chance’ and then they will go on to tell you about being safe etc.  Since the pacification,things have changed, at least in some of the neighboring favelas and new party venues have sprung to life.  There is […]

Supermarket Hortifruti gets an upgrade…sort of

Living in Zona Sul you have 4 options as to where you can buy your groceries: 1.  Pão De Açúcar which is more of a ‘mega supermarket’, it is huge and you can find pretty much anything you are looking for including imported goods and house items (think Miami’s Publix).  2. Zona Sul which is your everyday […]

Craving a burger? Head to São Paulo’s Fifties Restaurant

As an American living in Brazil I have noticed that there are certain dishes that Brazilians have a hard time getting right, such as guacamole, pad thai and cheese burgers (random list I know, but they really stick out).  Fifties restaurant in São Paulo has been able to get the classic hamburger right! The restaurant is […]

Graffiti: How & Nosm do Rio and NYC

While I was in New York over the holidays, I was running errands and figured since I needed to pop into Whole Foods (my favorite place) I would take Houston  so I could check out the rotating mural on the corner of Bowery; and to my surprise I recognized the artists! The incredible mural (above) […]