Monthly Archives: February, 2013

SP: Pastry heaven in Jardins

Looking for a cozy place that feels like home but serves delicious pastries, cakes, salads and sandwiches that are way better then whatever you are making at home?  If you are in Sao Paulo’s Jardins you must stop by the Lecherhaus House, a German pastry shop serving breakfast, lunch and delicious pastries.  The place itself […]

SP: Il Bienal International Graffiti Fine Art exhibit at Nova Cultural

As you know I am a huge fan of the graffiti culture in Brazil, so I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon the Il Bienal International Graffiti Fine Art exhibit at Nova Cultural this past weekend.  Nova Cultural is an outdoor sculpture -art park with 2 galleries, 2 restaurants, a cinema and home to antique fairs […]

Day by day of Carnival 2013

People around Brazil spend the entire year getting ready and excited for Carnival, and for good reason.  Besides working to build the floats and costumes people are preparing themselves for 2+weeks of crazy partying which lets face it, it isn’t normal to be party hopping and dancing non stop 24/7 you actually do need to […]

Carnaval: Dance in the Sambadromo

As you know I have attended the Carnaval parades at the Sambadromo in Rio de Janeiro the last 2 years (see previous posts HERE); seeing the floats, costumes and dance numbers that people have worked all year on come to life is truly an incredible experience. This year I was able to actually dance and […]

Sunrise in Rio

T his is what you get to see when you stay up celebrating Carnaval in Brazil!! Stay tuned for some awesome Carnaval coverage!

Dear ESPN Brasil….. WTF

Normally I don’t blatantly call someone out on my blog, however, as someone who enjoys watching ‘American’ football and lives in Brazil I just can’t let it go.  As you know the Superbowl was last night… people around the world gather with their friends (or just around a TVset) to watch the game, the half […]

Authentic Italian in Sao Paulo’s Itaim: Fornaio d’Italia

While there are tons of delicious Italian restaurants in São Paulo, Il Fornaio d’Italia might be the most authentic.  When you walk in you will notice how simple and informal the restaurant is: small tables, paper table cloths, a large open kitchen window and a wall covered in awards.  There is no fixed menu. The […]

Adventurous brunch at Parque Lage

There are many reasons one makes the walk or drive over to Jardim Botanico’s Parque Lage.  For the adventurous type seeking a full day of activity it is here you can begin the strenuous hike up to see Christo, or explore hidden architectural treasures, have brunch in a picturesque setting, connect with nature, or take […]