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Happy Easter

Easter is a pretty big deal in Brazil, I think they started putting up the giant chocolate eggs and decorations the day after New Years.  Thankfully, this year in Rio Zona Sul got rid of last years ‘scary bunnies‘ and went with a more ‘kid friendly’ bunny (below).  Hope you have a great holiday!

Fine Dining in Floripa: G Spot

Can you find the G-spot? hehe couldn’t resist:)  Ponto G (G Spot) is the name of Chef  Vitor Gomes restaurant in Florianópolis which he promptly named due to it’s location which is somewhat hard to find… it took our cab driver 5 tries! The restaurant itself is pretty impressive, designed by architect Rico Mendonça there are panoramic views of […]

Party at Pacha Floripa

Pacha is one of those famous ‘posh’ night clubs that have locations all over the world so of course they had to have a location in Florianopolis.  Since it is located between the airport and Jurere I would recommend taking a cab since I highly doubt you will want (or be able) to drive home […]

45 Years of Italian Design

As part of my ‘cultural explorations’ I went to the 45 years of Italian Design exhibition at the Sao Paolo Museu da Casa Brasileira. The show which highlights the significance of Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro’s work for the Italian design identity ends on March 31st!  The Museu da Casa Brasileira, which gives the most important design award […]

Graffiti: Skate park in Flamengo

Whenever I drive by Praia do Flamengo on my way into Centro my eye always catches a skate park covered in graffiti.  Since it isn’t exactly in a place I would normally visit (sorry to disappoint, but I’m not a skater) I made it my mission to spot by and check it out… what do you think?

SP: Vegetarian spot in Vila Madalena

I have nothing against vegetarians, if you are able to make that lifestyle work for you, congratulations; I on the other hand am a true carnivore.  I think I would last about 2 days as a vegetarian and that would be that (I try not to eat that many carbs and the thought of living […]

Floripa: Where to day party

Sunday- Fun Day, Boozy brunch, whatever you want to call it, who doesn’t like to drink and dance on tables during the day?! In New York people flock to Lavo Champagne Brunch, Day and Night, Eat Yo Brunch, Brasserie Beaumarchais, Le Bilboquet, PH-D at Dream Downtown and of course Bagatelle’s brunch.  If you like ‘day parties’, electronic music and seeing beautiful […]

SP: Lady Dior As Seen By

As part of moving to a new city I promised myself I would try to go to at least one cultural or art related event a week (I used to do this when I lived in NYC), and I am so glad I have kept that promise!  Yesterday I went to the “Lady Dior As […]

Guest Blogger: Brazil vrs China Part 2

Part 2  By Alexis Gerome Addicted to big flashy Brands Market evolution and mentality is the same in China and in Brazil. Buying power has improved a lot, specially since they started pretty low and many new millionaires have emerged from nowhere, thanks to the commodities market. And in comparison these new wealthy people are […]

Guest Post: Brazil vrs China Part 1

By Alexis Gerome One of my favorite things about traveling to different counties is that you are able to experience a completely different lifestyle and culture than what you have become accustomed to.  However, sometimes when visiting a new country you find yourself reliving a different trip to a completely different country because there are […]