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Chocoholic dream in Penedo

If you are a chocoholic, then you should start thinking about planning a trip to Penedo (close to Visconde de Maua)!  Known for producing some of the best chocolate, there are 3 chocolate factories, my favorite is Casa do Chocolate.  At Casa do Chocolate (Chocolate house), you are able to see how the chocolate is produced while […]

Garden dining at D.O.C Emporium in Penedo

You can work up quite the appetite splashing around in the waterfalls or walking through the town of Penedo.  There are tons of restaurants but the best restaurant for lunch in Penedo is D.O.C Emporium with its beautiful gardened outdoor area.  Since you are on vacation, sit back in one of DOC’s comfy chairs and enjoy a […]

Graffiti: Old Downtown Sao Paulo

  Wanted to showcase my 2 favorite pieces from Old downtown Sao Paulo:  

Best lunch in Visconde de Maua

There are some incredible restaurants in Visconde de Maua but if you are looking for a leisurely lunch or romantic dinner with that ‘at home’ atmosphere then you must try Rosmarinus which is on your way to Maringá.  I went to Tripp Lake Camp in Poland Maine and when I walked into Rosmarinus it reminded me of […]

Experience the Santa Clara Valley waterfalls

Since no one mentioned this when we planned our trip to Visconde de Maua… most roads ARE NOT PAVED and can be quite dangerous when it rains.  There are tons of holes, rocks and bumps in the road, if you are not driving a truck or car with 4 wheel drive it feels like you […]

Most romantic restaurant in the state of Rio de Janeiro: Borbulha

Ladies, if you are one of those girls like Mindy who hopes life will play out like  a romantic comedy… Borbulha (bubble) located in Minas Maringá  about 20 meters from the pedestrian bridge at Alameda Gastronomic Aunt Sofia; is a restaurant that will make all of your fairly tail romantic daydreams come to life, all you need to drag […]

Alcantilado waterfalls in Visconde de Maua

I like outdoor adventure but normally I am not the one to suggest a place that 90% of what you will do involves connecting with nature/ hiking, so this was a first for me.  When you are in Visconde de Maua, you must visit the Cachoeiras do Alcantilado, a sequence of 9 waterfalls – ending […]

Where to stay in Visconde de Maua

Do you like the outdoors? Want to experience all that Brazil has to offer when it comes to beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails and discovering small little towns nestled into the mountains? Then pack up the car and start your 3.5 hour drive to Visconde de Maua which is in between Rio and Sao Paulo in an […]

Graffiti: Lower East Side, NY

Graffiti: Sao Paulo’s Liberdade