Monthly Archives: May, 2013

My favorite beach treat: picolé sacolé

Whether you are walking down the beach, playing in the surf or just working on your tan you will hear and see all different types of vendors selling various snacks, blankets, drinks and clothes along the beach.  There is one ‘snack’ that will definitely catch your eye if you see someone eating it…..To be blunt, […]

Graffiti: New updates to Sao Paulo’s ‘Batman’s Alley’

For those of you who haven’t heard of Batman’s Alley, it is an ever changing open-air rotating art gallery and one of my favorite areas to wander around:)  If this is your first time visiting my site or if you missed my previous posts on Batman’s Alley then I highly recommend reading post 1 and post 2  […]

Le Pain Quotidien in São Paulo

When I lived in New York there were a few places I would rotate between for my morning coffee and muffin including Starbucks, the deli on my corner and  Le Pain Quotidien.  Thankfully Starbucks has had a presence in Rio and Sao Paulo for some time, but every now and then I miss my old ‘rotation’. […]

Graffiti: New additions to Jardim Botanico,RJ

Instead of hitting the gym while in Rio last weekend I decided to zig-zag my way through Jardim Botanico and around the Lagoa so I could see the new graffiti additions…. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

24 hours of uninterrupted cultural events: Virada cultural

This past weekend Sao Paulo held the 9th edition of Virada Cultural, an annual cultural festival that goes on for 24 uninterrupted hours of free programing featuring 900 attractions on 25 different stages around the city. Most events occur in Centro but there are also events at museums and cultural centers around the city.  About 3 million […]

Craving some authentic Japanese? Head over to Liberdade

Surprising fact: São Paulo has the largest Japanese community outside of Japan in the world and has been growing since the 1950s!  In New York we have China Town… in Sao Paulo we have the equivalent, ‘Japantown’ known as Liberdade. It is very similar to NY’s Chinatown lined with all different types of stores, people selling random stuff, […]

Graffiti: Buzios

I was in Buzios last week and discovered some great graffiti in the various entry points to Geriba beach, check them out! My costume for Carnival next year?

Sao Paulo: Girls On It launch event: Get your discount code!

The Girls On It launch event takes place TOMORROW May 14th 2013 from 7-11pm at ESPM, Rua Joaquim Távora, 1240,  São Paulo, Brazil  Girls on It and Aceleratech will present a special evening on Women + Entrepreneurship featuring an diverse group of aspiring and successful female entrepreneurs and executives. Susan Fonseca, the Founding Architect of Silicon […]

Barbecue done right in Sao Paulo at Bos BBQ

While living in New York if I was in the mood for BBQ I would head over to Hill Country to get my fix.  In Brazil, if you want some good old fashion American BBQ there is only one place to go: Bos BBQ in Sao Paulo’s Itaim.  Founded by 2 Brazilian partners and one […]

Graffiti: Garage in Vila Madelana

The first time I visited Sao Paulo we drove by this incredible house/ garage covered in beautiful graffiti and I have been trying to ‘re-find’ it since I got here.  Well….I finally found it!! This beautiful creation is by Roberto Bieto one of the most incredible muralists helping to ‘beautify’ Sao Paulo. I’ll admit it […]