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Graffiti Itaim

My favorite lunch in Sao Paulo (Best Salad)

There are tons of amazing salad places in New York, and plenty of girls like me who live on them, in Brazil, unfortunately not the case!  When I first got to Brazil, I found that finding a good salad (like an actually good salad) was extremely hard to find which made most of my lunches/dinners […]

Graffiti: Jardins, São Paulo

First Look: Barteco Sao Paulo’s newest cozinha e bar

There are tons of unique, delicious restaurants in Sao Paulo, however Barteco, the newest edition in Pinheiro‘s stands apart from the rest.  Set in a 3 story house with high ceilings, beautiful wood floors and artistic tiled walls.  You can sit inside, at the bar or outside under the heat lamps (it’s winter in Brazil […]

Experience the Sao Paulo Zoo

Random fun fact about me: When I was growing up, my dad was the commissioner of Roger Williams Park Zoo in RI and was fortunate to have the opportunity to work and volunteer there over the years (I have always loved animals so it was a ton of fun).  I have always loved going to […]

French bakery in Sao Paulo: Bonheur de Pains

 There are tons of Padaria’s (bakeries) all over Brazil selling fresh breads, pastries etc  I went to Bon Heur de Pain last week and it was so good I thought I would highlight it for you! Their specialties range from specialty breads (which are freshly made ​​on site – see below!), viennoiseries, sweets, pastries, sandwiches, salads, quiches, […]

Hiking in the Tijuca Forrest

If you the ‘adventure’ type that enjoys spending time outdoors, discovering waterfalls and hiking in the woods then you should definitely find a way to experience hiking in the Tijuca forest. Home to hundreds of species of plants and wildlife, found only in the Atlantic Rainforest, the Tijuca Forest is the world’s largest urban forest, covering […]

Graffiti: Pinheiros


Best Steak frites in Sao Paulo

There are lots of French restaurants in Sao Paulo, but if you want the best ‘Steak Frites’ you must go to L’entrecote de Paris in Itaim.  Given the name of the restaurant it is pretty clear that it is serving up French cuisine.  If you had any doubts, once you step inside and see that […]

First game at Maracanã

I’ve lived in Brazil for 2.5 years now (yikes) and I went to my first ‘football match’ yesterday at the famous Estádio do Maracanã (Maracanã Stadium) which was first opened in 1950 when Brazil hosted the FIFA World Cup.  This open-air stadium, based in Rio de Janeiro is the largest stadium in South America currently seating 78,838 spectators. […]