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Where to stay near Inhotim

Planning to visit Inhotim;  The famous art park/ botanical gardens which is located in Brumadinho, a small town about an hour and a half drive from Belo Horizonte?  If the answer is yes, you don’t have many hotel options… there are a few hotels close to the park but they look a bit run down.  If you want […]

Best Bread in Sao Paulo: Mr Baker

I don’t say this about many restaurants but Sao Paulo’s Mr Baker is hands down one of the best all around restaurants in the city.  Located in Itaim, this bakery is always packed and there aren’t many places to sit so either plan on getting it to go or be prepared to wait for a […]

Graffiti: Vila Mariana


Contemporary Thai and Bahian cuisine at Mestico

I love Thai food and I am a fan of Bahian dishes but together? Great combinations brought to you by Mestico, located in Consolacao serving contemporary Thai cuisine with a touch Bahian flavors in the mix.  The restaurant itself is quite interesting, the front area has small tables so you can order some drinks and […]

Escape the city in Parque Burle Marx

While I love walking around and taking Teddy to Parque Ibirapuera, however it is WAY too crowded on Sundays!  Since it was a beautiful day we decided it was time to check out one of the other famous parks in Sao Paulo and we ended up driving to Parque Burle Marx.Entering the park you immediately feel like you have […]

Graffiti: Vila Madalena

Check out the beautiful creations I stumbled upon on a recent walk about in Vila Madalena…  

Food fair in Sampa: Omercado Feira Gastronomica by Danubio

There have been a number of food fairs popping up around Sao Paulo, most recently the Omercado Feira Gastronomica by Danubio…for the New Yorkers reading this, think of it as a mini version of the food and wine festival.  15 restaurants and chefs participated in last weeks feira with each vendor stall serving its own […]

Live music and late night pizza in Pinheiros

There are tons of restaurants lining Rua dos Pinheiros in Sao Paulo, but if you are in the mood for pizza, I recommend Fração da Pizza.  Located in a cute house, this multi space pizzeria is serving up some of the best thin crust pizza in Sao Paulo.  The house is divided into 3 spaces: […]

Gourmet burgers & tartares: Astolpho

There is a new restaurant in Itaim with a unique combination you have to try.  Astolpho Gourmet Burger & Tartares located on the corner of  Amazonias and Rua Iaia looks like a cozy café you might see in France.  With a black and white tiled floor, famous people’s caricatures and old fashion clocks lining the walls […]

Mexican buffet at Si Señor!

Mexican buffet in Brazil?? Yes, you are reading that correctly:)  I have blogged about the Mexican restaurant Si Señor‘s Rio location (read more here) but for those of you who don’t know, it was actually first established in Sao Paulo before moving to Rio.  I’ll be honest, the Sao Paulo location is of better quality and service […]