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Moving to Brazil? Here’s your packing list!

People thinking of moving to Brazil or in the process of figuring out their , move reach out to me regularly asking: What do I need to bring with me from the US to Brazil?  Since I am in New York right now (and attempting to pack), I figured I would share some of my […]

Every specialty food item you can imagine at Mercado Municipal

Many cities in Europe and South America have a ‘Mercadão of some sort, i.e. a large specialty market offering the freshest and largest varieties of fruits, spices, meats/fish/poultry, nuts and more.  Located in São Paulo’s Centro neighborhood in a beautiful industrial style building is Mercado Municipal de São Paulo.   Besides aisles and aisles of specialty vendors there are […]

First look: Tempranillo Vinho & Cozinha

Brought to you by the culinary and alcoholic visionaries of Barteco is Sao Paulo’s hottest new wine bar Tempranillo.   Located in the swanky  Vila Nova Conceicao it is under the command of Jaci Soares (Taberna 474) and Carlos Martignago (Serafina) so you know this will become your new ‘go to’ spot.  Designed by architect Silvana Brandão , the decor is […]

Best steak in Campos do Jordao: Libertango

If you are in Campos do Jordao and in the mood for a superb steak dinner head over to the Serodio family owned restaurant Libertango and you will not be disappointed!  They take the meaning of ‘family run restaurant’ to a whole different level where you almost feel like you are part of the family by […]

Adventure park in Campos do Jordao: Tarundu

Like Hansel & Gretel following breadcrumbs you must follow the tiny colorful signs to find Tarundu, a massive adventure activity park in Campos do Jordao.  If you like games, outdoors, sports and activities then you will LOVE this place (yes it is great for kids, but it is fun no matter how old or young you are!).  Activities […]

Best fondue in Campos do Jordao

Given that Campos do Jordao is a mini Swiss town up in the mountains (only an hour and a half from Sao Paulo) it is no surprise that there are many fondue places, however if you are seeking the best fondue in Campos do Jordao you must try So Queijo. The space itself is quite unique […]

Scenes of Campos do Jordao

Something I always find amazing is how much Brazilians love the cold! To prove my point further almost every restaurant in Campos do Jordao (the beautiful Swiss town tucked in the mountains an hour away from Sao Paulo) has outdoor seating, and there were more people sitting outside than inside.. it was 17 degrees Celsius! […]

Experience Inhotim (lots of pics!)

If you appreciate art and nature then add a visit to Inhotim to your list of places to go! Inhotim is a very unique site located in the town of Brumadinho about an hour away from Belo Horizonte airport.  Inhotim is so massive you will definitely need 2 full days to be able to see and appreciate […]