Ilha Grande: Lopes Mendez

For our final day on Ilha Grande we decided to explore the opposite part of the island from the boat tour and head to Lopes Mendes. Lopes Mendes was named one of the 15 more perfect beaches in the world by Travel + LeisureGetting there: From the Abraao village you have three options: Schooner which takes 30-40 minutes and costs R$15 per person, Water Taxi which takes 10 minutes and costs R$150 per person or Hike 3 hours, 6.1km (each way),

Since Lopes Mendes is on the Atlantic boats cannot take you around to the beach so they drop you off on Pouso Beach (pictured above).  A nice secluded beach with one pousada and one restaurant.  Get ready to hike! It is a 20-30 minute hike to Lopes Mendes.  Along the way you will run into tons of these adorable little monkeys (below) and see some incredible views.  This little guy below was great, he posed for a few good shots:)Check out the view at the end of your hike…Perfection!Once you arrive you will understand why they say its one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  The hike is worth it as this long beach with soft sands has some incredible mountain views, huge rocks to climb on and great waves to surf.Though there are no restaurants (only small kiosks for food- I recommend bringing some snacks with you!) there are a number of people renting surf boards (short & long boards) for R$24 an hour or R$50 for the day.  The waves were a ‘friendly size’ as you can see above, in my opinion it felt a lot like Geriba Beach in Buzios . Not in the mood to surf? Climb up and around on the rocks (see below) was fun to explore and quite the work out (much higher then it looks)!Since we were making the 2:30pm boat we hiked back through the rainforest to Pouso Beach for lunch at the only little restaurant on the beach before our boat trip back to Abraao Village.  The restaurant has great pastels and hands down the best french fries I have had in Brazil! Save room for lunch!

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