Stay In Or Dine Out At Pizza al Taglio

On Carlos Gois in Leblon, tucked away down a little alley way is Pizza al Taglio, a tiny  place (more like a small window) with a couple of tent covered tables outside.  This is the only place in Rio that you will find Neapolitan style square pizza’s! Owner Migan Leandro, studied a fermentation process which makes this pizza not only delicious but healthy too!  “What differentiates it from traditional pizzas is that our body is prolonged fermentation, ie, kept in continuous cooling at controlled temperatures. This causes the flour to become lighter and provides better digestion, “explains Migan.Pizza al Taglio offers some of the freshest pizzas (with lots of healthy vegetarian options) as well as some sandwiches, salads and dessert pizza’s.   With so many great options it’s hard to decide which pizza to get, oh wait you don’t have to *(my favorite part) if you can’t make up your mind or just want to try a few different pizza’s you can!  Point to a pizza and tell them how big a piece you want.  Once you have completed your selection, pay by the weight. I tried the pepperoni, mushroom and traditional, and would definitely recommend all three.  I love the thin crust, something that is a little hard to find in Rio so I was very excited about finding Pizza al Taglio! I haven’t tried the dessert pizza yet (I filled up on too many of the other pizzas- oops) but next time I plan on saving room for dessert and trying the banana with nutella dessert pizza- it looks amazing.  If you want to spend a quite night in (you can pick up or have it delivered) or a relaxing night out, head over to Pizza al Taglio!

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