Exploring Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

I know some of you reading this think cemeteries are morbid, sad, scary etc, but the Cementerio de la Recoleta ( Recoleta Cemetery) which was built in 1946 is something you absolutely must visit.

Walking through the Recoleta Cemetery feels more like strolling through a massive outdoor art gallery showing a unique exhibition of sculptures and architectural styles. The entire cemetery is laid out in sections like city blocks, with wide tree-lined walkways branching into smaller “streets” filled with mausoleums.  It is so beautiful you could spend hours exploring this ‘mini city’.  

Each mausoleum bears the family name etched into the facade and brass or bronze plaques are added to the front of the structure for each particular family member.
It was declared a National Historical Museum, because, among its streets, lie heroes of Independence, presidents, military courage, great scientists and renowned artists and celebrities, including Evita and  Domingo F. Sarmiento, the seventh president of Argentina who greatly shaped how the country is run today. He helped develop train, postal and educational systems for his country and promoted democracy across Latin America. While walking through you can easily find the Mausoleo where he rests (below) as there are various signs scattered throughout to direct you there.

I was truly blown away by my experience here, you can see more pictures in Scenes of Buenos Aires…

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