Best Executive Lunch in Puerto Madero

After exploring San Telmo take a walk down to Puerto Madero.  There are tons of restaurants with great views of the water and the Women’s Bridge to choose from, but I recommend El Potrillo.  Once inside you feel like you are in an old stable that’s been converted into a fun and festive restaurant.  As you can see each ‘stable door’ closes off creating small private dining areas great for parties.  I had heard that Buenos Aires would be a ‘cost effective’ trip, but wow, talk about a trip that is friendly to your wallet! After walking around for hours we were starving and what’s the best way to satisfy that kind of hunger?  Have a traditional South American executive lunch. Now, for those of you who haven’t experienced the ‘executive menu’ it is a prix-fixe menu that usually includes an appetizer, main course and dessert….However, El Potrillo out does itself! The executive menu include: a glass of wine, an empanada, main course, side dish and dessert.  As you can see above, the portions of this meal were made for a giant! The ‘side salad’ alone was enough to be my main course.  Ok so the food was delicious and obviously quite filling, but the most shocking thing about lunch at El Potrillo…the price.  For all of the above, for two people it cost a total of US$35 ! Yes you read correctly, so if you are hungry and looking for an incredibly delicious meal, head over to El Potrillo!

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