Exploring San Telmo and Plaza Mayo

If you are in Buenos Aires on a Sunday you must head over to San Telmo and check out the Feria in the plaza Dorrego, Defensa and Humberto Primo Street from 10 am to 5 pm.   This fair is famous worldwide for its eccentricity and varied range of historical elements, furniture, china, glasses, cameras, tango albums, posters, table cloths, etc. Basically it is a very eclectic antique fair with some beautiful priceless gems. After you have walked through the fair, keep walking down Defensa to explore the rest of the well preserved area of the Argentine metropolis, which is characterized by colonial buildings.  The cobblestone street is lined with artists, craft vendors, fresh orange juice squeezers (it is the best OJ I have ever had!), cafes, tango parlors and antique shops. There are some beautiful churches like Santo Domingo Basilica Nuestra Senora del Rosario (above) that should not be missed as well. Your excursion into Argentina is not over yet!  Keep walking past the church and you will come upon the Plaza (below) which is the location for several of the cities major landmarks: the Cabildo (the city council during the colonial era), Casa Rosada (home of the executive branch of the Federal Government), Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos AiresMay Pyramid, Equestrian monument to General Manuel Belgrano, the current municipalidad (city hall), and the headquarters of the Nación Bank. The Buenos Aires financial district (microcentro), affectionately known as la City (sic) also lies besides the Plaza.

Plaza Mayo

Walking through the Plaza is an extremely beautiful and moving experience.  Since 1977,  images of the Dirty War, during the National Reorganization Process have been scattered around the plaza  to open the public’s eyes to what the military regime was doing. Walking through it is hard to imagine the horrific scenes like the one shown below had taken place right where we were standing.I highly recommend spending a day exploring both of these incredible areas.  San Telmo with its colonial architecture, narrow cobblestone sidewalks, shops, cobbled streets and antiques represent the magic of their historic value and feels like you are walking through the neighborhood is back during another time.  Plaza Mayo holds a different feeling, and you will truly be moved by visiting this culturally enriched area.


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