Ring In The New Year Like A Brazilian


For those of you who have not had the opportunity to experience New Years in Rio, add it to your ‘to do list’! Starting around 3 in the afternoon the street next to the beach is shut down and the vendors start setting up for the wild night ahead.  As I mentioned in my previous post, it is customary for everyone to wear white, and let me tell you, it is a pretty incredible site to see over 2 million people wearing white, celebrating on the beach.  FYI it usually rains on New Years so don’t spend too much time on your hair and accept you will be drenched by the end of the night.

Since New Years is such a big deal here in Rio, you have plenty of celebration options to choose from, but before I go over those,  keep in mind that transportation will be difficult and you will most likely end up walking to Copa (45 min walk from Leblon) so plan ahead and ladies, I know your hot white number looks amazing with your new heels but trust me when I say leave them at home! Option 1: Head over to Copacabana and stand out on the beach amongst the masses and enjoy the show (there are concerts along the beach).  Some people bring chairs, tents and blankets but be prepared to have no personal space and probably get spilled on.  For food drinks, small vendors with coolers line the beach selling drinks (beer, water, soda) and popcorn.

Option 2: Get a room with an ocean view at one of the beach front hotels or rent an apartment with an ocean view and have a party.  Awesome if you plan far ahead of time and are willing to pay for it.  Since it is summer in Rio ie high season rates are extremely high.Option 3: Buy tickets for one of the many New Year’s Eve parties.  A number of the hotels host massive parties (Copacabana Palace, Sofitel, Hotel Pestana, and the Marriott) for which you need to make reservations for well in advance.  The cost of the parties ranges from about R$600 per person to as much as R$2000 per person.  If you don’t feel like spending that kind of cash, buy tickets for one of the kiosk parties (that’s what my friends and I did).  For R$250 per person, there was food, drinks, bathroom and your own area roped off on the beach so we had a prime spot for enjoying the fireworks.I am the first one to admit I am a bit of a  year old when it comes to fire works- I LOVE THEM! Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face, so as midnight approached I was pumped to see one of the greatest fireworks displays in the world!  Several barges loaded with fireworks go off at the same time and it is truly one of the most amazing sites you will ever see (check out the Videos page to get the full effect!).  Just because the fireworks have gone off and it is officially 2012 does NOT mean that the party has stopped! David Guetta graced the stage in front of Copacabana Palace at 2am for a kick ass performance, more concerts started down the beach and some head to Arproador to watch the sun rise.  Keep reading, we have an awesome 2012 ahead!

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