Mexican Food In Rio? Sí Señor

If you are craving Mexican food and live in Rio de Janeiro, your choices are limited.  Up until December 2011 your only option for ‘Tex-Mex’ was Rota66 , which doesn’t say much….  Brought over from São Paulo,  Sí Señor, Mexican Grill has found a new home in Leblon where restaurant Astor used to be. With decor inspired by Santa Fe, this bi-level restaurant has become a welcomed addition to Leblon’s restaurant options.  Fist off, I must tell you that the service was great! Not ‘good for Rio’ great (since the service here is possibly the worst in the world), but actually fantastic, we received food in a timely manner, never at any point did we have to stand on a chair and flag down a waiter and they kept the margaritas coming:)The margaritas were great, and there were a variety to choose from so it’s a good spot for starting off your night.  The menu offers traditional Mexican cuisine like nachos, chili, guacamole, quesadillas, taco salad, fajitas and burritos. The fajitas totally cured my Mexican craving, and they are a good size for two people (below).  The only thing that Brazilians can’t seem to get right is guacamole… I would skip it,  you will just be disappointed when it arrives.

There is a larger upstairs area which makes Sí Señor is a great spot for groups, so grab your friends and tell them to keep the margaritas coming!

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