Casa da Praia Itauna

Saquarema is a relaxed beach town, where the surfing is great and everything is very laid back. While walking down the beach we saw something out of the ordinary, a trendy restaurant;  of course I had to investigate:)  Just steps from the beach discover Casa da Praia Itauna, a restaurant / bar with live music (after 5pm), day beds (below) and a rain shower for when you need to cool off mid drink.As you can see, super trendy for a restaurant in Saquarema— in a good way! Once you are seated, get an order of pastels to start- they are phenomenal.  While you are munching on your delicious pastels, enjoy the view (below) as you skim over the many fish options on the menu.  Ok, so every dish I saw looked amazing, but when decision time came I went with the grilled tuna… which was excellent. Between the view, the fun after beach scene and the delicious food, I highly recommend taking a stroll down the beach to Casa da Praia Itauna! What are you waiting for? Grab a seat and enjoy the beautiful view!

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