One of the Most Beautiful Views Of Rio: Pedra Bonita

If you want to experience one of the best views of Rio, put your sneakers on and get ready to hike up Pedra Bonita Trail.  If you enjoy hiking, the trail to the Pedra Bonita is relatively easy, and despite being a little steep, it can be done by anyone and takes about 40 minutes.   Start of the walking the Canoas Road in Sao Conrado (heads up it is steep!); if you have seen the movie Rio, the trail takes you ABOVE the the famous hang gliding spot.  We started our journey through the Tijuca Forest (National Park), the largest urban forest in the world, and I must say, it was VERY hot the day we went so I recommend bringing lots of water.  I took this journey with my team from 21212, Brazil’s leading seed accelerator program to create a documentary about our program (video to come soon!).  It was a great experience and I must say it felt awesome when we all made it to the top! As you can see above the views from the summit are absolutely stunning and you are very close to Pedra da Gávea the highest monolith close to the sea in the world which is also very beautiful (a way harder climb that I am thankful we weren’t making today!).If you want a great work out, want to immerse yourself in the beautiful of Brazil or like a challenge I highly recommend taking the trip up to Pedra Bonita.  More exciting adventures to come, so keep checking back!


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