Hidden gem in Botafogo: Miam Miam

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Tucked away in an old mansion (that belonged to the grandma of chef Roberta Ciasca) in Botafogo is restaurant Miam Miam (French for ‘yum yum’).  You could walk past this house a million times and not even realize it’s a trendy restaurant; a true ‘hidden gem’, one of the best contemporary restaurants in Rio.  You can sit outside in the alley or wait for a table in the small dining room.  All of the furniture (ranging from modern to vintage 60’s/70’s) is for sale which provides a fun artsy decor, the eclectic soundtrack playing the background also helps with the ambiance.
<img src="Miam-miam.jpg" alt="Apps at Miam Miam" />While you are waiting for your table (yes you will be waiting, there is ALWAYS a wait), enjoy one of the many creative drink options. Once you are seated and perusing the menu, you will be pleased by the good service (something hard to find in Rio); the waiters are surprisingly eager to answer any questions you may have or fill your drink. The ever-changing menu is filled with surprise combinations both traditional and tropical. The meatballs (above) were very good but it was the roast beef/asparagus wraps (below) that really stole the show- they are awesome!

<img src="roast-beef-wrap.jpg" alt="roast beef wraps" />

<img src="miam-miam.jpg" alt="miam miam" />

Besides small ‘tapas’ options, main dishes include a curry moqueca, duck& leek pancakes (which are amazing) as well as a few delicious salad options. Price wise, your wallet won’t be disappointed, for a bunch of small plates, a main dish and a dessert its about R$150-R$200 for 2 people.

If you are in the mood for a ‘Euro’ trendy night out or just looking for a unique find, head over to MiamMiam. I can’t wait to try Oui Oui by the same owners! Don’t worry, I will report on it as soon as I go:)

Address: Rua General Goes Monteiro, 34. Botafogo. Phone: 21-2244-0125.

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