Movie Night At The Lagoon

When its a chilly or rainy day in Rio, just like in NYC we head to the movies.  There are tons of movie theaters to choose from, but personally I prefer the ‘Cinepolis’ at Lagoon. From the picture above you might be able to see stadium style seats on top of the theater….. You are seeing correctly as this movie theater faces Lagoa, not only providing a stunning view, this stadium is the perfect location for watching rowing competitions, water sports and maybe even some of the Olympic events! Talk about an all in one theater (there is a real theater here as well!).

Now head over to the machine to get your ticket.  Pay attention there is an extra step that we don’t do in the states… choose your seats!  Something America should adopt ASAP. See the screen above, select where you want to sit, this way when you enter the theater you no longer have to worry about finding your seat! Makes the whole experience a lot more relaxing

After you have selected your seat and got your ticket in hand, head over to the concession stand.  Notice the 2 types of popcorn?? Its the same popcorn you can find on most street corners of Brazil— sweet and salty! I recommend getting the mixed bag (tastes good when you munch on them together)


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