The Most Innovative Tasting Menu In Rio: ORO

Do you have a special occation coming up or are you looking for a culinary experience that will absolutly blow your mind? Head over to Oro in Jardim Botanico to experience a tasting menu like you have never experienced before FYI It is pretty pricey so be prepared.  You can choose between a 5, 7, 9 and 16 course meal.  We went with the 7 course option and I honestly had a hard time eating the last course (my favorite desserts!).  If you are with a big group it might be fun to splurge and get the larger menus so that you can try more of the chefs incredible creations.  The waiter (who speaks perfect English!), will ask you if there are any foods that you do not eat/ don’t like, tell him; then sit back and get ready for a wild molecular gastronomy experience (think Wylie Dufrense’s WD-50 in NYC with presentation like Miami’s Barton G)

Course 1: ‘Snacks’ Far right are quail egg tempura with truffle essence.  Far left moqueca sticks (ie deconstructed moquecca) served with a coconut milk curry foam (it is like a crunchy version of the french onion soup dumplings at Stanton Social). Center(my favorite): raw filhote (an Amazonian freshwater fish) filled cones of açaí ‘paper’.  After these openers your taste buds will be heightened and excited for more.







Course 2: FYI we asked to receive different dishes for each course so we could try more:) Right: Shrimp with chuchu served with nitro plumb vinaigrette.  Left: Açaí served savoury-style with banana slices and drizzled with a spectacular shower of foie-gras. Powdered in liquid nitrogen after a double cooking to prevent the fat going haywire in the fast-freeze. This dish was tremendos, a complete surprise party in your mouth (in a good way), exploding with flavor.

Course 3:The deconstructed Caprese, watch as the red tomato outer shell dissolves under the addition of warm tomato sauce, to reveal a cheese underbelly. Truly one of the more outstanding dishes on the menu (make sure you ask for it), the flavors are incredible and the contrast between the hot sauce and cold cheese is striking.WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE! 

Course 4: Cray fish (tastes like lobster) served with a cool pistachio cream and topped with crispy hearts of palm.

Course 5:  Saucer Beef tartar, remove the lid  and let the smell of barbecue waft out from within.   The ‘cheese yolk’ on top rounds out the dish, crack it and it will spread like a sauce.  Best enjoyed with the accompanying potato chips on the side.

Course 6: Caramelized ribs with yuka puree and apple sauce caviar (looks like cariar and burst in your mouth).  Best to eat all together!

Course 7: DESSERT! Dessert could be a meal all on it’s own!  Seriously I was pretty stuffed after all of the above, but once you see the platter coming towards you, you know you have to brace yourself, take a deep breath and embrace the fact that you still have more eating to do!  This platter of sweets will knock your socks off: Mini churros, rich chocolate fondants, coconut pudim, brigadeiro‘s with pepper, dulce de leche with nuts, truffles, caramels, brownies and to top it all off…A chocolate mousse squirted directly into liquid nitrogen, where it freezes hard as rock, before being served (still smoking-see above) onto the dish and smashed into pleasing chunks. As the chocolate slowly melts in places, the brittle crunch and softening mousse is an exquisite sensation.

This desert was so off the charts good, it may even rival the food.   With the use of unique Brazilian ingredients and served with a modern molecular twist, Oro is a culinary experience that should not be missed!


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