Today’s history lesson: Petropolis Imperial Palace

It is time for another ‘history’ type post! I like learning about the history of the various places I visit so I hope you find this as interesting as I do.   If you are a history buff and want to learn more about the history of Brazil, head over to the Imperial Palace/ Museum which is located on Rua da Imperatriz 220in the center of the Historical District of Petropolis.  Built in 1845-1862 it was originally built to be the summer residence of  the emperor and his father, Dom Pedro I. The palace was designed by German engineer and Brazilian Army Major Júlio Frederico Koeler and followed through by architects Joaquim Cândido Guilhobel and José Maria Jacinto Rebelo after his death.

The line for the museum was too long so unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to explore the inside of the palace, which still has the furniture and art which belonged to the emperor’s family; including the Imperial Crown jewels, and the archives consisting of 250,000 original documents ranging from the 13th to the early 20th century.  Even if you can’t get inside the museum for the full walk through, the Palace should not be missed.  Inside of the ‘holding house’ you can see a number of restored carriages (above) and a restored train which was pretty cool.
Take a walk through the gardens (designed by Jean Baptiste Binot) which are full of beautiful rare native plants and sculptures.  If you walk by in the morning you will see a number of older people taking their ‘morning walk’ through the garden.  The museum is open Tues-Sun from 11am-6pm, try and get there on time as the line can get pretty pretty long and take a while!  The Imperial Palace offers a huge part of Brazil’s history and is definitely worth visiting when you are in Petropolis.  Keep checking back, it’s what happens here at night that you will really be excited to see (hint- videos!)

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