How is my swing? Golfing in Petropolis

About 35 mins from the Historic Center of Petropolis in the district of Nogueira is the Petropolis Golf Club. The drive there is really beautiful, there are some incredible views of the mountains and small towns that are scattered within them so bring a camera.  Unlike most of the country clubs in Rio, you do not need to be a member to play.  To use the practice range it will costs you R$70 (US$45) per person + R$3 for balls.   If you just want to get out there and play a round it will cost you R$160 (US$92) per person for 9 holes.  Note: They only take cash or check so prepare ahead of time! The closest atm is 20mins away in Itiapava.

I haven’t played golf in 12 years, but figured I would give it a shot…..

How’s my swing? Any pointers for me?? Would love some tips to improve my game!

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